Viberti Spa became part of the ACERBI AUTOMOTIVE GROUP in 1996 after a story that started in 1922 and left indelible signs in the world transportation business. process componentry painting

Officine Viberti was an Italian manufacturer of trailers, coach and bus bodies and mopeds, better known by its integral Monotral chassisless self-supporting coaches and buses. It was based in Turin. Viberti made the Vi-Vi moped from 1955 until 1957 in alliance with the German motorcycle manufacturer Victoria.
The company was founded in 1922 to build civilian and military transport vehicles and was a supplier to the Italian armed forces during World War II. One of its products was the SPA-Viberti AS.42 armored car.
Viberti is now part of the Acerbi-Viberti Group. Established in 1922 in Turin, VIBERTI built its reputation on an exceptionally complete and vaste production of both civilian and military transport vehicles, supplied, among the others, during the bleak years of the World War, to the Italian Armed Forces, and to almost all transport companies that were starting regular service in Italy and abroad. A few years after its establishment, VIBERTI forcefully became Italian market leader and in the aftermath of the World War, the company continued its growth until it achieved an absolute market leadership in Europe also. The cooperation with FIAT (now IVECO) started in the 20s constantly characterized the almost 80 years’ life of the historic brand VIBERTI. Since the very beginning, and still today, the company has been market leader in Italy

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