TMV 6x6 Military Special Forces Reconnaissance vehicle is designed to provide enhanced levels of protection against mines and IEDs (up to STANAG 4 levels of protection). To achieve best blast protection for occupants and minimise transmitted energy, a twin СVТ hull design has been developed by TMV and is universally used in the construction of all TMV model variants. It is constructed of stainless steel formers clad with belly blast plate throughout, its shape facilitating the dissipation of the blast energy wave at the point of impact, and also at the base of the occupant-protected cell. Located above the unique, integral V-shaped hull, the 6x6M modular superstructure is a layered approach of high-technology materials designed to minimise the weight of the appropriate protection solution.

Based upon the unique STRIVE© chassis system TMVТs core design features multi-wheel drive and multi-wheel steer together with variable suspension to produce a range of base platforms with unrivalled mobility in their respective classes. TMV 6x6 Military Special Forces Reconnaissance vehicle is powered by a mid-mounted Cummins ISBe5 in-line four-cylinder, 4,500cc turbocharged, water-cooled diesel engine, with a power output of 147 kilowatts (200bhp), generating up to 900Nm of torque. In the TMV 6x6M, this enables a limited top speed of 85mph/137 kph. As part of the design philosophy, the chassis has been packaged for all major four-cylinder long-stroke diesels commonly in use. The Allison 2500SP 6-speed, fully-automatic transmission utilised in the TMV 6x6M is also common to a wide range of military and civilian applications. It drives through a transfer gearbox with Hi and Lo ratios and via six Dana lockable differentials, which transfer the power via driveshafts to the six wheels. High power-to-weight ratio, coupled to permanent all-wheel-drive and adaptive all-wheel-steer, ensure a very high degree of on-road and off-road performance, with excellent manoeuvrability and approach/ departure angles (52%/50% respectively), due to minimal front and rear overhang. Fully-independent air suspension - assisted with twin coil-over dampers on all wheels - delivers excellent dynamic handling and good passenger comfort, and adjustable ride height allows the centre of gravity to be kept low for higher speed use, but crucially allows the vehicle to ride higher when a mine or IED threat is anticipated. The six-wheel steer system is adaptive, and can be programmed to allow touch-button change of steering configuration per axle, according to specific needs in the field.
The TMV 6x6M features a unique V-tub chassis, entirely clad with blast plate, and a modular rear superstructure that can be specified in 100% composite.
With a modular platform in 4x4 and 6x6 variants, the unique TMV design enables high levels of local content and customer choice of power train and driveline.
TMV rolled out their Heavy Duty Demonstrator (HDD) vehicle at the Defence Vehicles Dynamics show at Millbrook, Bedfordshire in June 2010. This was the first exposure of the HDD chassis system, designed to prove the 3.5 tonne axle configuration. Dressed in the special forces, heavily armoured and blast protected, modular body system by PLASAN - the HDD cut a swathe at the show as it was put through its paces acround the Millbrook off-road test area.

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