Nicholas Straussler (1891Ц1966) was an engineer mainly remembered for devising the flotation system used by Allied amphibious DD tanks during World War II.
Between 1928 and 1933, Straussler ran Folding Boats and Structures Ltd and patented a number of flotation devices, including collapsible ones. In February 1933, he became a British citizen.
Straussler worked on a variety of automotive projects after the war. Although many were connected in some way with amphibious vehicles, they included the Lypsoid Tyre Ч a very low-pressure, off-road, run-flat tyre that saw some use with military and construction vehicles.

Nicholas Straussler
Born in Hungary, he developed a reputation as an innovative automotive engineer before moving to Britain during the interwar period. His work was mainly to do with amphibious, off-road and military vehicles.
Throughout the 1930s, he worked with Alvis Cars, Vickers-Armstrong and Hungarian companies on a variety of projects. His work for Alvis involved designing armoured cars such as the Alvis Straussler AC2 and the Alvis Straussler AC3. The prototypes were built by his own company Straussler Mechanisation Ltd. and the production vehicles by a new joint company, Alvis-Straussler. that was formed in July, 1936.
The 39M Csaba emerged from an agreement signed with the Weiss Manfred factory of Csepel, Budapest, after StrausslerТs design had been rejected by the British army. It was closely based on the Alvis C2. T

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