STI - Steyr Trucks Sales and Services International GmbH, Austria

STI Steyr is one of the resulting companies after the breakup of Steyr-Daimler-Puch in 2001. They are based in Austria. Their next stage of the journey is to North Africa. STI Steyr only manufacture military and homeland security vehicles
MMV 4x4 Ц Homeland Armored Multi Mission Vehicle .High mobility armored vehicle for all terrains and missions, GVW up to 6,5 ton, Top speed 130 km/h, 300HP
AWC Ц Homeland Armored Water Cannon .Armored vehicle for homeland security missions, GVW up to 36 ton, Water capacity up to 14.000
SSV Ц Homeland Armored Special Security Vehicle Armored vehicle for homeland security missions, GVW up to 19 ton, sitting capacity up to 16 persons
MTV - Medium Tactical Vehicle 4x4 6 or 9 speed manual transmission or 6 speed fully automatic transmission, 2-speed transfer case with, full time four-wheel drive, 100 % locking differentials, in transfer case, front- and rear axl
HTV - Heavy Tactical Vehicle 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 16-speed manual transmission or fully automatic shift transmission, 2-speed transfer case with full time all wheel drive, 100 % locking differentials in transfer case, front- and rear axles with auto-logic actuation
MMV -Multi Mission Vehicle

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