Rotinoff Motors Ltd was a British commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Colnbrook in western London. The company was founded in 1952 by the Belarusian emigre George Rotinoff. The Rotinoff company specialized in the production of ballast tractors and heavy transport vehicles. The vehicles of Rotinoff were used in Europe as tractors for tank transporters. In the Swiss army, the Rotinoff Atlantic GR 7 was used from 1958 - 1991 by the tank troops to haul Centurion tank. More Rotinoff transporters were in use as road train in Australia for the transport of cattle. George Rotinoff died in 1959, and the brand name Rotinoff was then discontinued. Worldwide there are still Rotinoff vehicles in operation today and they are coveted collectibles.

George Rotinoff, son of a Russian engineer set up Rotinoff Motors Ltd at Colnbrook near Slough in 1952 to build heavy haulage tractors. He developed the 140 tons gross "Atlantic", and the 330 tons gross "Super Atlantic". The trucks were fitted with Kirkstall axles. Also built were 2 long wheelbase "Viscounts" which were of a lighter construction and went to Australia for use as cattle hauling roadtrains for the Vestry meat company. The company also built a one-off dumper was built known as a "Pacific" which it is believed was built as a prototype. George Rotinoff died in 1959 when only 35 vehicles had been built bearing the Rotinoff name, after which no more vehicles were built.
After a session of School Work we headed out to the Australian Transport Hall Of Fame on the southern outskirts of town. This is basically a museum dedicated to the trucks that helped establish inland Australia, and is the biggest collection of trucks in Australia. It was huge, with a great collection of trucks of all sizes and ages. They had several trucks of which only one or two were ever made. One of these was the Russian Designed but British Built Rotinoff Viscount. These were purpose built for the Vestey Family, who at the time owned huge cattle stations in Western Australia. Only two models of this truck were ever built

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