DAC , short for Diesel Auto Camion, is a Romanian truck brand produced since the 1970s in the Brasov area.
Since 1990, DAC has been the special trucks division of Roman trucks.
DAC was established after World War II on the foundation of the old ROMLOC automotive factory built in 1921. In the spirit of the communist days, the industrial plant was named Steagul Rosu (the Red Flag).
DAC trucks share the same construction platforms with the Roman trucks but it was not part of the 1971 venture between the then-West German company MAN , and the Romanian government.
In 1954, the first batch of SR-101 trucks came out of the factory. The SR-101 was in fact a clone of the ZIS-150 Soviet truck and it came with the same specifications.
In 1958 the company decided to produce a new type, as the SR-101 no longer complied with international vehicle standards.
The new design used a Ford Y-block pattern V8 gasoline engine of 140 HP, and its cab has been designed at the Chausson Plant in France.
The first V8 SR-131 truck of 3-ton load named Carpati was produced in the summer of 1960, and from 1962 the SR-132 model of 2.5 tons load and 4x4 transmission.
In 1964 it started the production of the series named Bucegi, SR-113 a truck of 5-ton load and SR-114 of 4-ton load and 4?4 transmission.
Generally, these trucks included all the western technology elements of the time. The range had been completed in five years by the following versions: military vehicle, long vehicle, tip-lorry, crane, forward cab. Torpedo, Perkins, Saviem and Mercedes diesel engines were used for export products.
Bussing, Mercedes-Benz, MAN-Saviem and Unic came to make offers, and the decision was to sign a contract with the West-German MAN AG company.

In cei peste 6 ani, de cand ROMAN Brasov are relatii comerciale cu Departamentul Apararii din S.U.A., in cadrul a 17 contracte au fost livrate peste 1.000 de autovehicule 6x6 ; 6x4 ; 4x4 si 4x2 in Iraq si Afghanistan.
Automobile Romanesti Roman SR-114
Autovehicule Militare
Steagul Rosu Carpati 3 BR 2 S este un autocamion de formula 4x4
SR 132 Carpaty
SR 113 Bucegi
SR 114 Bucegi
SR 114 Bucegi este un camion de formula 4X4
Roman DAC CN Series Military
AMDAC Amdac (M) Sdn Bhd, a player in the heavy duty and special purpose vehicle sector, is sending three of its new Adiwira Interchangeable Tactical Mobility Systems (ITMS) prototype trucks to the Malaysian Army Combat Training Centre (Pulada) for trial. Formerly known as Pesaka Astana, the wholly-owned Bumiputera company was initially involved in the supply of vehicles.Formerly known as Pesaka Astana, the wholly-owned Bumiputera company was initially involved in the supply of vehicles.
Malaysian Company AMDAC Presents LTV Adiwira 4x4 Romanian Viper In October 2011 Carmichael completed this Scania P470 6x6 Viper airport crash tender for Sibiu International Airport in Romania. This is the first Viper completed by the company on a Scania 6x6 chassis which features a Strongs Plastic body - the largest superstructure to date built by the Staffordshire company. Exclusive to this site.

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