Rampini "With over 50 years of history, Rampini is a leader in the design and manufacture of specialty vehicles and urban buses with special features built into them (diesel, electric and hydrogen). In addition, Rampini designs and manufactures highly technical vehicles for specific applications: chassises intended for special uses, OB vehicles, vehicles for satellite broadcasts, special equipment for the armed forces, levelling systems, and much more." Autoselleria Rampini S.r.l. works in the cars’ field since 1950 and has moved side by side to the industrial technology and design, producing hoods, folding, panels, instrument panels, seats in leather and PVC material, back light, etc. A wide know–how for the development and the production of hoods both for cabriolet and sport utility vehicle and folding, makes Autoselleria Rampini the leader company for quantity and quality in Italy. Along the time the firm has constantly grown in dimension and turnover.

Rampini was born as an individual company in the late Forties. From the review of equipment for fire services and airport, the Umbrian company goes directly to the design and construction.
The Rampini manufacturing plant is located in Passignano sul Trasimeno, town in the province of Perugia, and occupies an area of 80 thousand square meters of which 13 thousand built.
Rapid Intervention Vehicle The Rampini "Vulcano" (Vulcan) is in service with the Aeronautica Militare Italiana as a Rapid Intervention Vehicle. This vehicle is built on a Sirmac SAB 2500 chassis with a front mounted engine. The Aeronautica Militare Italiana has two versions in service, with Diesel or gasoline powerplants. Both have an automatic transmission. The VM 51 A Diesel engine developes 112 kW. The "Vulcano" has a maximum speed of 111 km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in 17 s. The total weight is 5,350 kg. All-terrain mobility is given by the 4-wheel drive and chassis design. The vehicle has a 43° gradeability and it can sustain a max lateral inclination of 35°. Entry and exit angles are 41° and 35°. It can negotiate a 26° hump. Maximum fording depth is 0.70 m.
Rapid Intervention Vehicles are fast but carry a small amount of extingushing media. Their task is to carry out the initial attack while slower heavy and medium crash tenders are on the way to the crash site. The tankers provide a large amount of water for quick replenishment of ARFF vehicles, while the rescue vehicle is an all-terrain van carrying proximity suits and heavy rescue equipment.
During off-airport airshows where aircraft of the Italian Air Force are displayed, the Nucleo Aerosoccorso of the nearest airbase is often requested to provide the ARFF service. This measure is necessary because of their unique expertise in dealing with ejection seats and other peculiar equipment that require appropriate actions during rescue and firefighting operations.

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