Work on the field was always a very hard, it's because the people wanted from the beginning. First, they helped the horses and oxen, but gradually began to dominate the mechanization and in the mid-19th century. century appeared the first tractors and seeding machines. Also in the 1970s, the new scope – the manufacture of agricultural equipment – started to devote to many companies. The most famous was prostejovsky Wikov, on the heels of him but soon began pedaling Melichar of brandys nad Labem, Prague-Holesovice Umrath and Rudolf Bacher of Roudnice. With the production of working machines began in 1885 and gradually built up a huge group, known under the name Roudnicke strojirny and foundries (ROSS).

ROSS (Roudnicke Strojirny a Slevarny)
Starting from the second half of the 20th century in the company made frames of trucks PRAGA VS axles for cars, tires and LIAZ since 1991, special terrain trucks ROSS.
In 1994, he was the State Enterprise AGROZET Roudnice nad Labem privatized, there has been a transformation to a joint stock company, which has returned to one of the earlier names Roudnicke strojirny a.s. and slevarny.
Roudnice nad Labem (hence the acronym ROSS and.) at the beginning of 1997, the majortnim shareholder of company AUTOVEL a spol. PRAHA s. r. o., which won on the basis of the approved the privatisation of the project decisive share of the shares of ROSS and with from the national property Fund of the Czech Republic.
Podnikatelsky the intention of the majority owner is unable to successfully implement and so the regional court in Usti nad Labem, said on the company's assets Roudnickych machine works and foundries, and with the date of February 1, 1999.
After that time has managed to sell off some of the smaller parts of the former company, for example. immovable property in a single account.

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