Since the mid 1960's Quigley Motors building a new type of vehicle - the Quigley 4-wheel drive van. Quigleys grew the business by satisfying its customers with its go-anywhere 4x4 system while establishing a close working relationship with Ford, GM and Nissan dealerships nationwide to sell and to service Quigley 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Quigley 4x4 System Typical :
Magna transfer case
2-speed (4Hi, 4Low)
Manual shifter
4x4 Indicator light
Front hub assembly
2" ride height increase

Front independent axle
Front axle shafts
Front hub locks
OEM front & rear suspension
OEM brake system
OEM wheels & tires
Traction contorl
Four Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPS)
Advanced Trac w Roll Stability Control System (RSC)

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