A right side view of an Air Force A/S32P-2 (FWD P-2) large capacity firefighting vehicle (''Quality'' rebuilt several in 1981-1982 at their Alabama facility Seagrave Fire Apparatus LLC is the longest running fire apparatus manufacturer in America that specializes in pumper and rescue units, as well as aerial towers. In addition to manufacturing new equipment, they refurbish, repair and upgrade older Seagrave apparatus, including National Fire Protection Association updates to equipment.
Seagrave was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1881 by Fredric Seagrave and moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1891. Seagrave was acquired by the FWD Corporation in 1963 and moved their corporate headquarters to Clintonville, Wisconsin.
Randolph Lenz, Chair of FWD's parent company, Corsta Corp., became embroiled in a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation suit and in 2003 all assets of FWD: FWD Corporation, Seagrave, Baker Aerialscope and Almonte Fire Trucks were sold to an investment group headed by former American LaFrance executive James Hebe. Today, the Seagrave group is a flagship company of ELB Capital Management.
Seagrave operates US manufacturing facilities in Clintonville, Wisconsin and Rock Hill, South Carolina and is an authorized General Services Administration vendor and supplies the United States Federal Government with firefighting equipment.

About FWD Seagrave The FWD Seagrave team is dedicated to providing highly engineered heavy duty vehicles, cabs, chassis, bodies, aerial ladders and other products with superior lifetime value for our customers by concentrating on innovation and continuous process improvements.
The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company was founded 100 years ago, initially to build cars, but they also turned their hands to trucks. The US Army used FWD trucks in 1912 to chase Pancho Villa in Mexico and the trucks were a great success. The army didn't catch Pancho, but they caught on to the FWD truck and used large numbers in the First World War. FWD became synonymous with tough, go anywhere trucks.
Snow plows, and utility vehicles were big sellers, but they also produced highway tractors and perhaps surprisingly, fire apparatus chassis.
In 1963, FWD sought to expand this business and purchased Seagrave Corp of Columbus, OH and moved it to FWD headquarters in Clintonville, WI. They also purchased Baker Aerialscope, and mounted these devices on FWD chassis, and branded the apparatus as FWD. They also purchased Almonte, a Canadian fire apparatus manufacturer.
Gradually FWD was absorbed within the growing Seagrave operation and by 1974 FWD had largely disappeared. A later re-organization, saw Seagrave as the lead company and the elimination of the FWD name and brand.
FWD Seagrave Wins $12 Million Contract for the United States Marine Corps
CLINTONVILLE, Wis. The United States Department of Defense has awarded FWD Seagrave a $12 million contract to rebuild 92 Crash Fire Rescue vehicles over four years for the United States Marine Corps.
Providing these Crash Fire Rescue vehicles for the U.S. Marine Corps gets us back to our roots working on heavy-duty military vehicles, Chairman and CEO AJ Neiner said. Our team is committed to providing superior quality and top-notch service for the Marines and we expect this to be the beginning of a long-term relationship with the U.S. Military.
The heavy equipment P-19A model, airport Crash Fire Rescue trucks, will be restored to their originally manufactured condition. Each vehicle will be disassembled down to the frame rails, the parts refurbished or replaced and the vehicle will then be reassembled. The P-19A came into service in 1984.
FWD Seagrave has a longstanding tradition of providing heavy-duty vehicles to the U.S. military, dating back to the 19th century when it built tactical trucks for use in the Spanish-American War. The Company built 20,000 tactical trucks for use during World War I; 10,000 tactical trucks for World War II (where FWD was awarded the coveted E Award for excellence); cruise missile carriers and transporters for the Korean War; and mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles for use in Afghanistan and Iraq.
About FWD Seagrave Seagrave, founded by Fredric Seagrave in Detroit, in 1881, is the oldest manufacturer of fire apparatus in the United States. Otto Zachow and William Besserdich founded FWD Corporation in Clintonville, Wisconsin, in 1909. It became a premier manufacturer of severe-duty vehicles and produced Americas first all-wheel drive vehicle. In 1963, FWD and Seagrave merged and consolidated all operations to Clintonville, Wisconsin. FWD Seagrave has a longstanding tradition of excellence providing the safest, longest service life, and most durable heavy-duty vehicles to the U.S. Military and municipal governments.

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