The Prowler is manufactured by All Terrain Vehicle Corporation, a subsidiary of Prowler Systems (Orange, California).
The Prowler LTATV from the all terrain Vehicle division of Prowler Systems is the only light tactical wheeled vehicle of its class that is purpose-built for the military, with its design and construction based on actual field recommendations and evaluation input from actual military operations.
Prowlers offer unique advantages that overcome the severe limitations of generic recreational ATVs (including those Уmodified for military useФ) in terms of endurance, reliability, operator control and safety. While similar in size and appearance to a typical ATV, the Prowler RTV is completely different in operation, structural design and performance. Prowlers are faster, more rugged, reliable and stable, and can pull or carry greater payloads than any ATV-type vehicle made.

Prowler is the only Light Tactical ATV built from the ground up to provide an agile, powerful and stable multi-application platform. Prowler is the only LTATV that is not simply a modified recreational vehicle, making it the deployment choice of field operators worldwide
Prowler is a registered trademark of Phoenix International. It is not to be confused with the use of the name УProwlerФ by a recreational vehicle manufacturer doing business as Artco or Arctic Cat. All Terrain Vehicle: Prowler II - Tactical All Terrain Patrol Vehicle.
All Terrain Vehicle: Prowler II Like the Prowler ITV, the Prowler II is multi-mission configurable and easily deployed to operate easily in any terrain or climate. The Prowler II is purpose built, like the Prowler ITV, to overcome the severe limitations of generic ATVs regarding operator safety, vehicle reliability, rugged endurance and operator control.

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