In 1956 International Harvester entered the off-highway end dump field with its Payhauler line of trucks.
Eight years later, the 180 Payhauler was introduced. Rated at 45 tons capacity and travelling on dual front and rear tires, the 180 was the first large all-wheel-drive end dump. A 50-ton version followed in 1968, along with a smaller model, the 140, in 36- and 40-ton sizes. The model line was revamped in 1973; the original rear-axle-drive trucks were discontinued, and the all-wheel-drive trucks were redesignated the 330 and 350 .
International sold the Payhauler line in 1982 to International employees who formed Payhauler Corporation to manufacture the 350 truck. Payhauler was acquired by Terex Corporation in 1998, and the 350 series continued in production until the line was discontinued in 2003.

The small Payhaulers Ц InternationalТs 65, 95 and 100 International Harvester engineers had made a close study of comparable Mack and Euclid off-highway rear dumps and come up with their own hybrids which, as it turned out, were very successful.
A PayHauler 100B emerged in 1967 and the type was discontinued in 1971 in favour of the all new four-wheel-drive PayHaulers which were about to be introduced. In 1998, Terex grew its mining business with the acquisitions of Payhauler and O&K Mining. The crane offering also grew dramatically with the acquisitions of American Crane, TerexLift, Peiner and Gru Comedil.
International 65 Payhauler in Quarry
International Payhauler Book Giant Earthmovers : An Illustrated History. Keith Haddock

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