Koc Group, Otokar has been providing solutions special to the needs of the customers with its own technology, design and applications since 1963. It is operating with over 2000 employees at the factory built on a land of 552,000 m2 in Sakarya. Otokar has been manufacturing buses for public transportation, semi-trailers for transportation and logistics industry and tactical wheeled vehicles and tactical armored vehicles for the defense industry. Being a hundred percent Turkish capital company, Otokar is today present in the automotive and defense industries with products of which intellectual property rights are owned by it. Being a leader in the bus industry and the land vehicles in the defense industry in Turkey, Otokar is the main contractor in the Design and Prototype Development Project of ALTAY, the national battle tank of Turkey.
Otokar Otobus Karoseri Sanayi A.S.. The Group's principal activities are design, manufacture and sale of commercial, public transportation and military vehicles under Land Rover and Fruehauf licenses. The Group sells its products mainly to the Turkish Military Forces and public transportation companies. Its commercial vehicles include trailers and semi-trailers such as tankers and car transporters; public transportation vehicles include minibuses and midibuses, and military vehicles include armored vehicles such as 4x4 tactical vehicles, armored personnel carrier and internal security vehicles, wheeled armored vehicles and Land Rover Defender vehicles. It also offers truck body parts, and carries out research and development activities. The Group's products are sold through a distribution network in Turkey and in the European Union countries. It is a subsidiary of Koc Holding A.S.
Otokar, a sub-division of Koc Holding, is a Turkish manufacturer of buses and military vehicles headquartered in Sakarya, Turkey.
Otokar began business in 1963 as Turkey's first intercity bus manufacturing company under the license of Magirus Deutz of Istanbul. Otokar was noted for manufacturing the most modern buses and modern intercity vehicles for that period. During the 1970s, Otokar launched air-cooled minibuses with Deutz AG engines. During this period, Turkey's largest conglomerate Koc Holding purchased the majority of Otokar shares. Within its mass transportation strategies, in early 1980s, Otokar added the inner-city bus to its product line.
In the early 1980s Otokar began inner city bus production and in mid-1980s Otokar manufactured the first Turkish armored vehicle as an armored car. In 1987, the Turkish Armed Forces had Otokar manufacture military Land Rover Defenders in Turkey in agreement with Land Rover, UK.
In early 1990s, Otokar developed the Otokar Armored Personnel Carrier, Otokar Akrep, and Otokar Cobra; Turkey's first 4x4 light-armored tactical wheeled vehicles by combining its armor technology with its experience in military vehicles. In 1997, Otokar moved to its new plant in Sakarya, Arifiye.
Otokar designs, develops and manufactures armoured wheeled tactical vehicles, and has a state-of-the-art armoured vehicle testing and production capability. The current product range comprises light armoured 4x4 vehicles in various configurations, including Cobras, Akreps, Otokar Armoured Patrol Vehicle (APVs), Otokar Armoured Internal-Security Vehicles (I-SV), Otokar Discreetly Armoured Station Wagons, Otokar KAYA Mine Resistant Armoured Vehicles.
The 4x4 Cobra armoured vehicle provides superior mobility, a high level of protection, adaptability to various missions and a low logistic footprint. The logistic infrastructure remains the same even in diverse Cobras manufactured for different missions, thus saving maintenance, repair work and spare parts. The Cobra military armoured vehicle can carry nine personnel, and is available in an amphibious version.
The Akrep is a special compact armoured vehicle developed on well-proven mechanical parts, and day or night vision and aiming systems. With its 4x4 drive and tactical characteristics, it can serve in all conditions.
The Akrep special compact military armoured vehicle is ideal for convoy protection, safeguarding of strategic areas and border control.
The 4x4 Otokar APV is adaptable to a wide range of military, paramilitary and security roles. With its high manoeuvrability, perfect stability and superior on and off-road capabilities, the Otokar APV provides ultimate protection for military forces in risky areas. It can carry eight people.
Based on Daimler Chrysler UNIMOG 5000 chassis; the KAYA provides excellent mine and ballistic protection along with high cross country capability and crew comfort in all terrain conditions. The KAYA 4x4 mine protected vehicle with its flexible body configuration can easily be configured for different missions like troop carrier and cargo carrier, along with varying user needs.
The Otokar Armoured I-SV has a specially designed body for usage in urban areas, and bolt-on armour for additional protection.
The Otokar Armoured IS-V has a very effective 4x4 traction capability, and can be offered with different equipment and accessories on the same body, as well as in different versions (such as command vehicles, personnel carriers and water canon vehicles), suitable for different missions.
In 2002 Otokar acquired a trailer and semi-trailer production company from Koc Group Company of Istanbul Fruehauf A.S. Later in 2002, with its experience in public transportation Otokar developed the small bus called the Navigo which is marketed in Turkey with Sultan brand. In 2003, Otokar initiated a cooperation with Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK) for the new 8x8 tactical armored vehicle Otokar-Yavuz.
In 2005 Otokar widened its line of armored vehicles. On March 30, 2007, Turkey's "Defence Industries Executive Committee", the joint, government-military, body on major defence industry projects and contracts, decided for the country's "Undersecretariat for Defence Industry" to launch negotiations with Otokar on the eventual contractural agreement to develop and produce Turkey's first indigenous tank. These negoations began on April 6, 2007.

Otokar history
1963 - Official foundation of Otokar
1984 - Name change to Otokar Otobus Karoseri Sanayi A.S
1976 Otokar becomes a member of Koc Group
1984 - Name change to "Otokar Otobus Karoseri Sanayi A.S."
1987 - Manufacturing of tactical wheeled vehicles under the license of Land Rover Defender
1990 - Joining of Akrep armored tactical vehicles of the product family
1997 - Move to the plant in Sakarya; planning for manufacturing of Cobra
Founded in 1926, Koc Holding has become not only one of the largest and most successful groups of companies in Turkey but also in Europe, by staying one step ahead of change throughout its journey of 80 years. Adamant in observing in all its operations the principles and ethical values of administering corporate governance, undertaking social responsibility and providing environmental protection at international standards, the Koc Group is a global player constantly moving toward its objective of duplicating its success in Turkey at the global scale.
Testing and Validation Center The Testing and Validation Department conducts detailed R&D testing activities on the basis of the philosophy Designs reliable and robust vehicles Otokar has created as public reputation.
This Department performs design-supporting studies to identify the superiorities and weaknesses of the designs in order to develop vehicles that will meet customer expectations and have worldwide competitive advantages by converting physical science into numerical essence.
In order to simulate and accelerate the real life equivalent loads, vehicle testing studies are accompanied by modern and hi-tech infrastructures, and thus renders its product development and implementation processes competitive in terms of time and cost.
The Testing and Validation Department operates in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. The data is obtained and evaluated as defined in the international military and commercial standards.
OTOKAR also presents its modern testing infrastructures available to all other industrial and research organisations
Otokar is engaged with the design, development and manufacturing of light armored tactical vehicles. Otokar has the state of the art armored vehicle testing and production capability.
The current product range comprises light armored 4x4 vehicles in various configuraitons including Cobra, Akrep, Otokar APV, and Otokar Discreetly Armored Station Wagon.
One of the most successful armored vehicle platforms, Cobra is a joint development with AM General of USA and utilizes many common parts with HMMWV.
Apart from beign the main supplier of Turkish Military Forces, Otokar also supplies its armored range to various allied countries.

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