Oshkosh Truck Corporation is a major manufacturer of specialized truck and transport equipment.
Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the company produces a broad range of products designed to meet the needs of specific market niches. The three major markets to which Oshkosh sells its products, both domestically and internationally, are defense, municipal, and commercial. Included among the heavy-duty vehicles Oshkosh produces are military transport vehicles, aircraft fire-fighting equipment, snow removal vehicles, stripped chassis for motor homes, buses, and walk-in delivery vans, and various types of trailers. The company's main Oshkosh plant houses its corporate headquarters, as well as machining, fabricating, and subassembly facilities. Also located in Oshkosh are an engineering test and development center, a truck subassembly and final assembly plant, a parts distribution center, and a paint and final test plant. Oshkosh operates one of the world's most modern chassis manufacturing plants, which is located in Gaffney, South Carolina. The chassis plant features a 650-foot-long moving assembly line. The company's trailer division's headquarters and manufacturing plant division are located in Bradenton, Florida and Mansfield, Texas.
Oshkosh Truck was founded by William R. Besserdich and Bernhard A. Mosling in 1917. The two men had received patents in 1914 and 1915 for improvements on four-wheel-drive capability. Besserdich and Mosling approached several established automobile manufacturers--including Ford, Packard, and Studebaker--about using their designs to produce a four-wheel-drive vehicle. After a series of rejections, they decided to start their own company. Handling the business end of the operation, Mosling sold stock in the new company, raising $250,000 in capital. Meanwhile, master engineer Besserdich was busy coming up with a prototype vehicle design. In May of 1917, the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company, located in Clintonville, Wisconsin, was incorporated. Besserdich was the company's president, and Mosling was listed as its manager and secretary. The prototype vehicle was a four-cylinder, three-speed, 3,000-pound truck called Old Betsy. The success of Old Betsy's four-wheel-drive components attracted investors. Since many of the investors were based in Oshkosh, 47 miles south of Clintonville, the company relocated there toward the end of 1917 and changed its name to Oshkosh Motor Truck Manufacturing Company.
The first Oshkosh truck to hit the market was the two-ton capacity Model A, at a price of about $3,500. After the Model A, Oshkosh began offering the Model B, which could carry 3.5 tons, and soon afterward, the five ton Model F. The four-wheel-drive ability of the Oshkosh trucks quickly set them apart from conventional trucks already on the market. Sales grew from seven trucks in 1918 to 54 in 1919, to 142 in 1920. The company, however, hit a slump immediately following World War I. A postwar depression, combined with a government program that donated surplus trucks to municipalities, resulted in sales that shrank from 62 trucks in 1921 to 16 in 1923. In 1922 Mosling replaced Besserdich as company president.
The company was founded by the Mosling Family in Oshkosh, WI before World War I. Originally manufacturing rear axles for trucks, the company became prosperous during the war due to the government contracts, and it began assembling trucks also. The real expansion of the operation came about when John Mosling took the firm over from his father and expanded into other types of vehicles, besides army trucks. After WW. II the products were concrete carriers, snow-plow trucks for both the Air Force and for commercial airports, and very heavy "desert trucks" for oil field explorations in the Arab peninsula. By the 1960-s Oshkosh was a well established specialty truck manufacturer/assembler with about $20 million sales annually. It's distribution network was the world-wide Caterpillar dealer organization, after Mosling committed to use Caterpillar Diesel engines in the trucks. John Mosling, working with advisors from Earnst & Young, also undertook a major expansion into new markets in the 1970-s, when the nation's airports suddenly needed fire/rescue equipments. He, building on the experience of Oshkosh with similar Air Force fire/crash trucks, aggressively marketed fire/rescue vehicles to the US airports. Around 1970, John Mosling established a cooperation with South Africa's largest Caterpillar dealer, the Barlows Corporation, to build truck assembly facilities there. The operation began in Paarl, near Cape Town, in small temporary facilities, where the rugged Oshkosh trucks were assembled from kits shipped from Oshkosh. Soon, a cab-over truck was also developped by Oshkosh engineering specifically for the South African market. After a decade, the operation became wholly owned by the Barlows organization. Meantime the US Army, rebuilding its armored vehicle systems, needed new type of trucks to haul its tanks around. Oshkosh, through a long bidding process succesfully obtained a long contract for the Heavy Equipment Transporter. Thus, Oshkosh's success in those times were tied closely with supplying the military with the equipment they needed, even remanufacturing for them their used trucks. John's sons entered the business in the 1970-s and brought in a new, professional management for the company, greatly expanding its markets. The company went public and its share values just kept multiplying. Aquisition followed aquisition, and now Oshkosh Truck is an over 3 billion dollar public company company, listed as OSK.

Oshkosh Corporation, formerly Oshkosh Truck, is an American industrial company that designs and builds specialty trucks, military vehicles, truck bodies and access equipment. Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.It is organized in four primary business groups: access equipment, defense, fire and emergency, and commercial.
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Oshkosh Truck Corporation 1933 Oshkosh TR 4х4 Earth Moving 1933 Oshkosh TR 4х4 Earth Moving Its brands include:
Oshkosh Truck Pierce (fire trucks, purchased in 1996) Medtec (ambulances) McNeilus (concrete mixers) Geesink (European trash-hauling) Norba (European trash-hauling) Kiggen (European trash-hauling) Jerr-Dan (towing) CON-E-CO (Concrete Equipment Company) London Machinery (Concrete Mixers) S Series concrete mixers Glider kits S Series Revolution mixers Highlander truck based mixers
Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck - HEMTT HEMTT-A3 - hybrid Heavy Equipment Transporter Homeland Security command vehicle Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement Palletized Load System Airport Fire/Snow Removal BAI ( Brescia Antincendi International S.r.l.) (Italian fire trucks) Tactical Fire Fighting Truck Wheeled Tanker Bushmaster - assured mobility vehicle Striker airport fire truck (models 1550, 3000, 4500) H-series snow blower MPT Series snow plow - truck P Series Snow plow MTVR Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement is a 7-Ton 6x6 heavy duty truck Off-road vehicle used by the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy. Designed as an improvement over the M939 trucks, the multi-variant MTVR is manufactured by Oshkosh Truck Corporation and entered service in 1998. MTVR The OshkoshЃ Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) standard cargo vehicle incorporates rugged, patented, proven components like the TAK-4Ѓ independent suspension system and the Command ZoneЩ integrated control and diagnostics system to assure the highest degree of performance on every mission. Built to go over even the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, the MTVR standard cargo is extremely durable and reliable. It is built tough and will perform exceptionally mission after mission.
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Bernhard Mosling was succeeded as president of Oshkosh by his son John Mosling in 1956
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Oshkosh M911
Oshkosh M911
The M911 Commercial, Heavy Equipment Transporter (C-HET) was based on the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Oshkosh F2365, modified for military requirements.
The Oshkosh H-Series blower vehicle
MTVR (Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement)
OshkoshТs first major defense

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