The Oliver Farm Equipment Corporation was formed in 1929 after the merger of the Oliver Chilled Plow Company , the Hart-Parr Company , Nichols & Shepard Company and the American Seeding Machine Company. It was later known as the Oliver Corporation. Oliver entered the 4wd market in 1971 with the 2455 and 2655 4wds. The Oliver 4wds were identical to the Minneapolis A4T-1400 and A4T-1600 4wds. Like the Minneapolis-Moline and White Plainsman the Oliver 4wd became one under the new White Farm Equipment brand in 1974. Today White is an AGCO brand.

Four companies joined forces on April 1, 1929. The Oliver Chilled Plow Company dated from 1855. Hart-Parr Tractor Company began operations in 1897, and the American Seeding Machine Company, dated back to 1848. Nichols and Shepard Company, likewise began operations in 1848.

In 1944 Oliver acquired the Cleveland Tractor Company (Cletrac ).They continued production of the existing Cletrac HG model until 1951. The Cletrac HG was renamed the Oliver OC-3 which was produced from 1951 through 1957. In 1956 Oliver announced the slightly larger OC-4 with a four cylinder gas engine. It also offered 3 cylinder gas and diesel versions of the OC-4. The OC-4 product line was discontinued in 1965. Oliver also produced larger crawlers: the OC-6 from 1953 to 1960; the OC-9 from 1959 to 1965; the OC-12 from 1954 to 1961; and the OC-15 and the large OC-18 All crawler production was halted in 1965.

White Motor Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio had a long history of truck manufacturing. On November 1, 1960, White Motor acquired Oliver, changed the name to Oliver Corporation, and made it a wholly owned, separately operating subsidiary of the White Motor Corporation.

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