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Klockner-Werke AG is built on a proud company history dating back 120 years. The company originally specialised in the production of steel. However, the passing decades were accompanied by changes not only in its business fields, but to its ownership structure as well. Today, the Klockner Group is an engineering manufacturer of the first order, one of the world market leaders in the manufacturing of filling and packaging machinery and actively involved in the field of specialised engineering.

1885 to 1945

From 1897 Acquisition and foundation of various steel plants by Peter Klockner
1923 Establishment of Klockner-Werke AG, under whose umbrella Peter Klockner bundled his various steel plants
1925 Foundation of Humboldt-Deutz-Motorenwerke AG, which heralds the company's entry into the field of mechanical engineering as well as engine and vehicle manufacturing
1939-45 Klockner continues to produce iron and steel products

1945 to end of the 1950s

1945 Klockner-Werke AG is liquidated under the terms of ruling by the Allies. However, this does not mean the end of the company and some plants remain in production
1952 Amalgamation of certain mining and steel companies under the holding company “Nordwestdeutsche Hutten- und Bergwerksverein AG” (from 1954 again Klockner-Werke AG). In the course of divesture arrangements Klockner-Werke AG as well as Klockner Humboldt Deutz AG operate henceforth as independent companies


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