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FAP is since 1953 year, start to producing trucks with Saurer-Werke licence.
Basic activity of FAP is to produce heavy duty vehicles with gross weight capacity over 10 to 32 tones. These vehicles are driven by various engines which are able to develop power from 88 to 279 kW(120-380 PS). Also they are available with different drive line configurations such as 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x6, 8x2, 8x4, 8x8. There is a possibility for doing a lot of combinations between different features of vehicles (vehicle weight, engine power, drive line configurations etc.). FAP is also capable of producing trailers and semi trailers with gross weight capacity from 8 to 48 tones. They are designed to transport the various loads and goods across all domestic and international highways.
In 1953 FAP (Korporacija a.d. Pribo) introduced its first heavy-duty vehicles following the acquisition of a license to produce vehicles under the then Saurer-Werke brand. In 1959 the company had in place machining and vehicle assembling lines with a production capacity of 3,600 vehicles per year. In 1975 a licence agreement with the now Daimler commenced. This was extended to heavier trucks in 1978, with developments including the FAP 2026 BDS/6x6 (6 ? 6) truck. In 1983 the FAP 2632 BDS/8x8 (8 ? 8) truck was introduced. By 1987 the FAP production facility had a capacity of 15,000 vehicles per year.The FAP 2832 BS/AV (8 ? 8) 9,000 kg truck is the (8 ? 8) equivalent of the FAP (6 ? 6) series of trucks, full details of which can be found elsewhere in this section.The FAP 3232 BDST/AV is a tractor truck version of the FAP 2832. Full details of the FAP 3232 can be found in the Heavy equipment transporters section.Current or future production of the FAP 2832 BS/AV (8 ? 8) 9,000 kg truck would involve the use of current generation driveline components and would result in a designation change. A revised prototype designated FAP 3240 BS/AV was first displayed publicly during 2011. Description The FAP 2832 BS/AV (8 ? 8) is entirely conventional in design, being based on a channel section chassis with beam-type axles and leaf spring suspension. A Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS) is fitted; tyres are 1500 ? 21 and the drive axles are fitted with driver-controlled longitudinal and cross-axle differential locks. Climatic operational range is -30 to +55°C. A chassis-mounted 10,000 kg hydraulic winch is fitted as standard. The two-door all-steel cab which tilts forward 62° for maintenance is of the forward control type, and is based on a Mercedes-Benz pattern.The FAP 2832 BS/AV can be used to tow artillery weighing up to 11,000 kg and can carry a maximum load of 14,000 kg on roads, reducing to 9,000 kg off-road. FAP offers its vehicles with installed on them power systems made by MERCEDES-BENZ, CUMMINS, MAN and FAMOS.
Exporting of its goods to furthest place of world and established cooperation with world known OEMs such as MERCEDES, SAURER-WERKE, SANOS, STEYR, CUMMINS etc also contribute in further strengthening of its success. The FAP 2026 is a general utility truck, produced by FabrikaAutomobilaPriboj (FAP). This 6x6 off-road vehicle was developed to meet the requirements of the Yugoslav Peoples Army. It is worth mentioning, that the FAP signed a license agreement with the Daimler in 1975. The FAP 2026 entered service in 1978. This heavy-duty truck was produced in large numbers and it's production still continues in Serbia. It saw action during the wars in former Yugoslavia and the war in Kosovo. Currently it is operational with all former Yugoslavia countries. Many of these trucks were exported to Saudi Arabia, where they recommended themselves well. Some sources claim, that Egypt operates 860 of these military trucks. Cab of the 2026 is similar to that of the Mercedes-Benz. The FAP 2026 is powered by a FAMOS diesel engine, developing 260 hp. This engine was built under license from the British Leyland. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre pressure system. Winches are fitted as standard. Various versions of this military truck exist. The FAP 2026 is also used for mounting of the PM M71 floating bridge, FAP (Fabrika Automobilia Priboj - FAMOS)
M-77 Oganj multiple launch rocket system, M-85 Zirafa mobile radar, SORA self-propelled gun and for other applications. The Serbian FAP 2026 heavy-duty military truck is based on the Daimler design

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