Bravia was a Portuguese vehicle manufacturer a specialist in offroad lorries of many types. It started by reconditioning US Army and Allies wartime military vehicles like the Dutch FTF firm begun, and later made its own original trucks starting its own production in 1964 becoming an independent manufacturer in its own right after that. Its best known model is the wheeled APC Bravia Chaimite of which many are still in use. BRAVIA started life with Brazilian engineering with Portuguese investment and the firm had Engesa former employees who developed and produced offroad military vehicles. BRAVIA production in Portugal ended in 1996 but continues today under the name of ENGESA Engenheiros Especializados S.A. firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil who have since then bought BRAVIA SARL from Portugal completely in the 1990s. BRAVIA SARL was a Portuguese manufacturer of original military vehicles and allterrain vehicles from Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco N?21 at Amoreiras in Lisbon that started in early 1963 from a technical jointventure project between Brazilian invested capital and Portuguese mechanical engineers who wanted to include Portugal as a country that produced its own true offroad vehicles with support of ex-ENGESA company staff of Brazil and its engineering employed but needed a major supplier of suitable running gear and engines for their vehicles. Another BRAVIA subsidiary company was created in 1964 called VM-VEICULOS MOTORIZADOS S.A. based in Porto Alto near Samora Correia in the Setubal peninsula an important motorvehicle assembling center, VM firm itself were specialized in trailers, towingtugs, sitedumpers and light tractors who were contracted to provide some technology and further mechanical construction or assembling models

From the 1970s BRAVIA started to develop its own brand new range of armytrucks that were clearly inspired by older existing American lorrybrands like DIAMOND, DODGE, GMC and REO military vehicles. The main difference was that the new BRAVIA lorries were originally developed by former ENGESA company engineers and designers powered by American Cummins and GMC mechanicals for their first prototypes that were made. Of which one model was called the BRAVIA Gazela 4X4, another was the BRAVIA Pantera 6X6, followed by the BRAVIA Leopardo 6X6 and the BRAVIA Elefante 6X6. All of them were available with a choice of Cummins, GMC, Dodge, Pegaso and also Ebro for the lightest model of the range the BRAVIA Comando 4X4. The last prototype model of the 1980s that BRAVIA showed and was later manufactured was called the BRAVIA Tigre 6X6 Armoured Personel Truck intended as a new warfare defensive vehicle for the Portuguese and Spanish Army of which around 20 of them were made but because of its overweight, it wasn't that successful.

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