AmerTek Industries is a military industrial firm that employed engineer Dr. John Henry Irons. Irons is the engineer that developed the BG-60, a powerful man-portable energy cannon, which is sold to urban arms dealers by AmerTek.

King-Seagrave Ltd. was a Canadian fire apparatus manufacturer located in Woodstock, Ontario. King-Seagrave was created in 1956, following the bankruptcy of Bickle-Seagrave. Vernon B. King, nephew of the Bickle brothers, purchased the manufacturing rights to Bickle and resumed production a few months after the bankruptcy. King had previously worked for Bickle-Seagrave in the 1920s and later created his own successful truck body and trailer business in Woodstock. Bickle was one of the largest fire apparatus manufacturers in Canada and King-Seagrave soon picked up where its predecessor left off. Like Bickle, King represented Seagrave in Canada and used Seagrave aerial assemblies and custom chassis. This exclusive arrangement continued until Seagrave was purchased by FWD in the early seventies. Despite the change, the company name remained the same, although truck nameplates read "King" instead of "King-Seagrave." In 1982, King-Seagrave went into receivership and production ceased. the company was reorganized as King-Seagrave (1982) Ltd. and continued to build apparatus for two more years. King went into receivership again in 1984 and production ceased in 1985. The Woodstock plant and assets were purchased by Belgian Standard in 1985, which later became Amertek. Amertek shut down its fire truck operations in 1993.

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