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( Ferguson Formula) Developments Limited (FFD) was a British company founded by Major A.P.R. (Tony) Rolt to exploit 4WD technology, Rolt had worked as Technical Director at Harry Ferguson Research for many years.
According to Ward's Auto World the influence that FFD had on all wheel drive (AWD) development transcended its size.
The company was founded in Coventry in 1971 by Tony Rolt. In 1981 Rolt's son, Stuart, joined the company as Marketing Director, becoming Chief Executive in 1986. In 1990 the company opened an engineering centre in Detroit.
Following its sale to the automotive consultancy group Ricardo in 1994, the company was renamed FFD-Ricardo. Stuart Rolt remained the CEO until 1996.

A Ford RS200 (1985)) 2012 Ferrari FF Bedford CF2 4x4 Ford Escort RS Cosworth (1993—1996 гг.) Dodge Challenger
The car (Ford RS200 (1985)) achieved a front-rear balance close to 50:50, thanks to a very special drivetrain layout developed by FF Developments, which was renowned for the 4WD Cooper F1 car and Jensen FF in the 1960s. Power from the engine was channeled forward to the 5-speed transmission, which was mounted near the front axle to improve balance, then transferred to a center differential which offered 3 choices of front-to-rear torque split – 37:63, 50:50 or pure rear drive – to suit different surfaces. The center differential divided the power to 2 paths, one sent to the front differential, another ran backward to the rear differential. All three differentials employed viscous coupling lock to anti-slip.
A first for a Ferrari model is the new drive four-wheel drive (4WD). It weighs 50% less than a four-wheel drive conventional, maintaining ideal weight distribution (53% on the rear axle). Fully integrated with the car's electronic dynamic control, four-wheel drive technology offers unprecedented levels of performance on all terrains and in all conditions thanks to torque distribution continuously and predictive intelligence to all four wheels. FF is also equipped with the latest magnetorheological damping system (SCM3) and the latest developments in carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo.
FF Developments Ltd - 1985 CF2 4x4 brochure This is FF Developments Bedford CF2 4x4 conversion brochure from 1985. The experience gained would lead FFD to design and develop the AWD system used on the 1988 Jaguar XJ220 220 mph supercar prototype. FFD also designed and developed the AWD system used on 1990 Chevrolet Astro/GMC Safari vans and later manufactured the transmission system for the McLaren F1 supercar. As an additional van note the "MULE" they used for testing the XJ220 was a ford transit body on the supercars chassis/running gear. It was restored and ran the hill climb at last years Goodwood festival of speed in the UK.
Ford Escort RS Cosworth (1993—1996 гг.) с ходовой частью от Сьерры. Двухлитровый мотор Cosworth YBT с 39-миллиметровым рестриктором, по официальным данным, развивал 300 л.с.. Коробка передач FF Developments — семиступенчатая! В сезоне 1993 года фордовцы Делекур, Бьязион и Кунико выиграли пять этапов, но Toyota была сильнее. В 1997 году Ford Motorsport разработал Escort WRC, но вскоре базу в Борхеме закрыли, и большинство Эскортов строила и обслуживала фирма M-Sport

Ferguson Formula Developments was originally formed to pioneer, develop and promote safety systems for everyday motorists. Many highly innovative projects evolved from this Company such as anti-skid braking systems and permanently engaged 4-wheel drive arrangements.
An early example of their success was the Jensen FF Interceptor, the worlds first production car to be fitted with Ferguson's full-time 4-wheel drive system. This employed a series of clutches to achieve slip between the front and rear differentials. The braking system was, primarily, an adaptation of the Dunlop/Maxaret aircraft anti-locking brake device. Their next milestone was the revolutionary viscous control unit which allowed a much better central differential slip control with the benefit of being much more compact than its predecessor. It required less maintenance and much lower production costs yet still utilised their Maxaret anti-lock braking system.
Both the aforementioned systems were marketed as 'all wheel control'.
Conversions of Senators, Monzas and Bitters by Ferguson Formula of Coventry were first offered to the general public in 1980 employing their novel & revolutionary viscous control unit. All the conversions were approved by their respective vehicle manufacturers and therefore did not affect the warranty. As the cost of conversion was roughly 50% of the cost of the car, (Senator, Monza), new; relatively few were produced despite excellent road test report & results.
Patrick Motors took delivery of an FF Monza, Senator and Bitter. Their Monza - an Anthracite 3-speed GSE - was sold at auction. There followed an aesthetic enhancement/preventative maintenance programme to bring this very low mileage historic Monza to a 'better than new' condition.
It subsequently won 'Best Car of Show' in 1995 at the 'Royale Monza Owners Club International' National Rally.


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