The Albert Ziegler GmbH is a German manufacturer of fire trucks and fire- accessories and belongs to the China international marine containers Group (CIMC) Ziegler Firefighting has a long tradition when it comes to manufacturing fire fighting vehicles for the domestic and international market. The company was started in 1953 under the name Berwi N.V. This name was held until 1976. From 1992 the name Ziegler Firefighting is associated with the company.

Die Albert Ziegler GmbH & Co. KG mit Sitz in Giengen an der Brenz in Baden-Wurttemberg gehort zu den groten Herstellern und Vertreibern von Feuerwehrfahrzeugen und feuerwehrtechnischem Zubehor in Europa.
Albert Ziegler (1862-1910) founded the company in 1891 for the production of fire hoses and hose maintenance devices with five flat looms and ten employees in the former mill in Giengen at the Brenz
Since 1969, Ziegler airfield fire fighting vehicles manufactures, the first vehicle of this type was delivered to Copenhagen. in 1990, the Z8 series follows the Z1, 1992, the first Z6 is introduced in 1997.
Ziegler company builds following emergency vehicles at different Fire brigades be used: The vehicle types Command vehicles (ELW), advance rescue vehicle (VRW), crew transport vehicle (MTF), multi-purpose transport vehicle with loading aid (MTF), portable spraying vehicle (TSF and TSF-W), vehicle (LF 10 LF 20, as all-wheel drive and street version) and Hilfeleistungsloschgruppenfahrzeug (HLF 10 and HLF 20, as all-wheel drive and street version) as well as the rescue vehicle (RW). In Bavaria the LF/HLF 10 in the all wheel drive version may have a maximum permissible laden mass of 13 tons.

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