The Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) was founded on September 28, 1869 by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..
Haulpak was a very successful line of off-highway mining trucks. The name was used from 1953 until around 1999; the line continues under the Komatsu name. The name was adopted as Wabco Haulpak when R. G. LeTourneau's business was bought by Wabco, and the Haulpak name continued through Wabco's purchase by American Standard, the operation's purchase by Dresser Industries, the merger into Komatsu-Dresser, and for a time after Komatsu took over complete ownership from Dresser.
Before WABCO, it was impossible to stop a train in an emergency. The company's founder, George Westinghouse, invented the air brake in 1868. The global auto parts maker designs and sells braking, stability, suspension, and transmission control systems for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses, SUVs, and luxury cars, such as AUDI and Mercedes-Benz. It also makes shock absorbers, cruise control components, and tire pressure monitors. The company's products are sold directly to auto and component manufacturers, including Ford, GMC, Nissan, Volvo, and Volkswagen, while spare parts are sold through independent aftermarket dealers. WABCO gets about three-quarters of its sales in Europe.

WABCO completes joint venture agreement with Fuwa to produce air disc brakes in China
WABCO opens test track extension in Jeversen, Germany
WABCO-TVS inaugurates two manufacturing facilities in India
Manufacturing facility inaugurated in Chennai, India with joint venture partner
Aftermarket training center opens in Hanover, Germany
Joint venture manufacturing facility established in Jinan, China
Manufacturing facility opens in Wroclaw, Poland
Manufacturing facility opens in Pyongtaek, Korea
Manufacturing facility in Charleston, South Carolina, USA joins WABCO as part of joint venture with Cummins
WABCO opens test track in Jeversen, Germany near the company’s major research, development and production facility in Hanover
Arvin Meritor and WABCO form Meritor WABCO joint venture for North America
WABCO opens its first wholly owned test track in Rovaniemi, Finland
Manufacturing facility opens in Meppel, the Netherlands
Manufacturing facility opens in Campinas, Brazil near Sao Paulo 1977
WABCO enters into Sundaram Clayton Limited (SCL) joint venture in Chennai, India
1969 American Standard acquires WABCO
Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) founded

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