are world leading experts in Mobility Systems for heavy vehicles and specialist vehicle applications. Timoney design, prototype and manufacture Drivelines and Independent Suspension Systems to meet client mobility requirements and provide Vehicle Dynamics solutions using advanced modelling techniques.

Timoney STRIDER Independent Front Suspension for On-Highway Trucks
Timoney developed the worlds first independent suspension for Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) trucks in the 1970s and in the decades since has continued to lead the evolution of Independent Suspension systems for trucks.
In 2003, Timoney expanded its Independent Suspension range to the on-highway truck market with the introduction of STRIDER. STRIDER provides independent suspension performance for truck front axles in the higher weight ratings (18-24,000 lb) that competing suspensions cant reach.
Timoney Technology Limited of Ireland is an Irish company which designs, develops and manufactures powertrains and independent suspension systems for heavy duty trucks, motor coaches and military vehicles. Timoney designs and develops a variety of standard armoured and soft skin mobility systems for military, commercial and specialist applications, principally utilising an independent suspension technology.
Timoney Technology Limited was formed as a campus company at University College Dublin in 1968 and still retains close links with the college to this day.
Timoney are one of the world's leading designers of High Mobility vehicles using their class leading Independent Suspension System.
In the field of Armored Vehicles, Timoney design and develop their own vehicles and work with some of the world's leading OEMs to jointly develop highly advanced wheeled armoured vehicles. In addition to building prototypes, they also carry out low volume manufacturing, with a capacity of about 40 vehicles per year.
Timoney, have in the past, or are currently developing vehicles with, Beherman Demoen of Belgium, Vickers of Great Britain, ADI of Australia, STK of Singapore, ORDC of Taiwan, the Government of Tanzania, Textron Marine and Land Systems, United Defense and a consortium led by CMU and Boeing all of the U.S.A. These vehicles include the world's latest and most advanced armoured vehicles, the U. S. Army's Future Combat System -Wheeled (reportedly named Pegasus), an 8x8 AIFV from UD, and two programmes with CMU, the FCS - Unmanned (named Spinner) and the USMC's future unmanned combat vehicle (named Excalibur).
Timoney have achieved considerable success in many high technology fields including the design of armored vehicles, trucks and fire/crash tenders, this is all the more remarkable when one considers it's almost complete lack of a home market (Aer Rianta being the obvious exception). In addition to armoured vehicle designs, Timoney has designed/collaborated upon many other non-military vehicles with companies such as Volvo Truck, GINAF, and E-One. There Independent Suspension system is also manufactured under license in the U.S. by Arvin-Meritor.
Timoney Drive Systems at Heart of Yugoimports Lazar 8x8
Lazar, the latest multi-purpose armoured 8 x 8 vehicle from Yugoimport-SDPR, has undergone successful user trials, demonstrating the vehicles mobility in hard environments and across extreme terrain. Core to the vehicles drive system are the driveline, axles, steering system and transfer case, all designed by Timoney. Timoneys modular architecture, enabling quick and effective proving of systems, has facilitated the Yugoimport vehicles mobility system
Commencing in 1994, Timoney was contracted by Singapore Technologies Kinetics to develop the power pack and drive train for the Bronco Attc .
Timoney Technology developed a unique and innovative traction and suspension system for the unmanned Darpa UPI Crusher vehicle.
The Terrex Armoured vehicle personnel carrier was developed as a private venture by Singapore Technologies Kinetics in close association with Timoney High Mobility Vehicles of Ireland. The first prototype of the Terrex AV81 APC was completed in the facilities of Timoney Technology of Ireland, which is now partly owned by Singapore Technologies Kinetics
The Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) is an armoured fighting vehicle developed by ST Engineering and Timoney Technology Ltd, and produced under license by Turkish automaker Otokar and ST Kinetics (a subset of ST Engineering) as the Yavuz. It weighs an estimated 25 to 30 tonnes on an 8x8 wheeled chassis with modern armour. Multiple weapon platforms are supported, including both the remote and overhead weapons stations.
The Terrex started off as a private venture between ST Engineering and Timoney Technology, intended for export sales. The initial AV-81 design utilised conventional coil springs shock absorbers but later variants have seen the introduction of hydro-pneumatic struts with real-time damping control. An electric-hybrid drive system was also developed. The Terrex AV-82 was developed in 2005 equipped with a more advanced driveline and hydro-pneumatic suspension system, and a number of changes from the AV81 including a flat underbody instead of a V-shaped hull and revised rear suspension. On 18 July 2013, SAIC, along with ST Kinetics and Armatec Survivability Corporation, successfully completed two weeks of evaluations for the Terrex at Camp Pendleton. The Terrex AV-81 uses a patented independent double wishbone suspension, which greatly improves ground mobility and ride comfort over the roughest terrain. The use of automatic traction control and the capacity for large footprint off-road tires enables it to traverse at unprecedented speeds in soft ground conditions. The vehicle uses a central tire inflation system

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