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Nubian Overcoming of a water barrier
Nubian road tests
Nubian Dinamic test
Nubian cross-country test
Nubian Rise Test
Nubian in Dirt Road
Thorneycroft Test

Испытания, проводившиеся в 1940 г., были сравнительными.

Nubian 4x4 Truck Test
Nubian On a bumpy dirt road
Nubian Dinamic test
Nubian cross-country test
Nubian truck on heavy road
Test Amazon Truck
Douglas test
COE Douglas Prototyp
Douglas Compare AEC
Chassis Crossley test
Hardy Demonstration Lorry 4x4
Ford CMP F15 test

Thornycrofts had a long history of supplying military vehicles going back to the Boer War when their steam vehicles were described by General Kitchener as "The Best". The J Type was built in large numbers during WWI. The A1/A2 was introduced in 1924. The A3 was developed from the A2 and had a double drive rear bogie and auxiliary gearbox. The Thornycroft patented rear suspension developed in collaboration with the War Department, provided optimum traction at all times. The A3 was produced in a range of body styles and for a variety of applications. The Tartar was developed from the A3 as a fc 6X4 for general service and also in a bonneted version which was used as a gun tractor see group 6.The A3 was upgraded as the A9 with a larger engine the OC4 . The A9 was further developed as the XB, mainly for South Africa, with longer wheelbase and heavier axles and a range of engine options. This became the Amazon which was used extensively in WWII as a crane chassis.

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