Thales Thales Australia (formerly ADI Limited) is a primary defence contractor for the Australian Defence Force, based in Australia.

ADI produced a variety of smokeless powders for reloading rifle, pistol & shotgun cartridges, production of Australian armoured vehicles, such as the Bushmaster and producing Australian specific modifications to imported military vehicles.
In previous years, ADI was the sole defence contractor in Australia, although this changed with the creation of the Tenix Group company, Tenix Defence.
Evaluation of new combat vehicles for the Australian Army will sonn begin, with the delivery of the first Hawkei protected vehicle by Thales, for Project LAND 121 Phase 4. Supacat also delivered the first improved Special Operations Vehicles (SOV) developed under Project JP2097 Phase 1B. HMT Extenda 4x4 SOV from Supacat was selected for the REDFIN 1B project.
The LRV 400 fills the gap in Supacats product portfolio between the heavier `Jackal` surveillance, reconnaissance and patrol vehicle and the smaller All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP). Thales Australia has handed over the first Hawkei protected mobility vehicle (PMV) and trailer prototypes to the Australian Army. Supporting future joint forcible entry missions, the Army intends to develop and field a family of specialized vehicles comprising three different platforms the Ultra Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV) general-purpose troop carrier, a light tank called Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) and a Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV). Among the vehicles tested were the Flyer-72 ASLV from General Dynamics, a vehicle designed by Flyer Defense for the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The Phantom Badger developed by Boeing and MSI Defense was also evaluated. Lockheed Martin submitted a derivative of the British LRV 400, a fast reconnaissance vehicle based on the QT Wildcat from Supacat . Although the vehicle was successfull in testing Lockheed Martin decided to past this opportunity. Another specially modified vehicle considered by the Army is the Commando Jeep from Hendrick Dynamics. Other companies have recently announced that they had submitted final offers for the tender include Polaris ( Polaris Defense, ) offering the Dagor, and Vyper Adams, submitting their specially developed Vyper.

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