Terra Gator - brand Of Ag-Chem dry spreaders. When the Ag-Chem Equipment Company Inc. was taken over by AGCO Corporation in 2001, the first co-operation between Ag-Chem Europe and other divisions of the AGCO family began. Spra-Coupe self-propelled sprayers were added to the Ag-Chem Europe line-up in 2002, along with the introduction of the Terra-Gator 8133 and RoGator 418.

Since the incorporation of the Ag-Chem Equipment Co., in 1963, the Ag-Chem name has stood for quality products and unmatched performance. In fact, the TerraGator name alone goes back more than 30 years to when the first TerraGator three-wheel applicator with flotation tires was introduced in 1973.

Today, TerraGator applicators continue to lead the industry in technology and versatility with three unique 3-wheel chassis models and a wide range of application systems… all assembled with pride in Jackson, Minn., by people who understand agriculture and know the value of quality workmanship.

With more than 40 years of high-performance sprayer experience behind us, we know what it takes to handle the demands of spreading or spraying crop chemicals over tough terrain day in and day out… for as long as the season lasts.

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