TEDOM a.s is a Czech engineering company. It was founded in 1991 in Trebic by Josef Jelecek. Over time it grew to include companions Vlastimil Vildman, Richard and Jiri Horky Kalista.

Originally, the company was an s.r.o. In 1994 it became a holding and in 2010 it transformed into TEDOM a.s. Similarly, plans to produce 5,000 LIAZ 400 series trucks per year also faltered and only 19 were made (including 9 emerged with the reconstruction of the older LIAZ) .
All trucks Skoda Fox and Fox Tedom are equipped with short cab, chassis configurations were: - 4x2 - 4x4 - 6x4 (only TEDOM)

Внедорожные траспортные средства
(Land Locomotion – Mechanical Vehicle Mobility LL-MVM)
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