Team Z, the collaborative alliance set up between leading military vehicle design and engineering house, Creation - and defence manufacturer and through-life support specialist, Babcock, is using DSEi at Londons ExCel for the world market debut of its radical new Zephyr armoured vehicle programme. Developed by Team Z, an industry team led by armored vehicle designer Creation UK Ltd and British defense systems manufacturer Babcock Land Systems, Zephyr SRV (Specific Requirements Vehicle) introduces a modular, protected vehicle platform offering good survivability and multi-role operational flexibility, with efficient mechanical and logistics designed for extended field operations
The team is offering the Zephyr for the British LPPV as well as a candidate for the Australian Land 121 Overlander program and the upcoming Canadian Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) requirements. A variant of the new design is also prepared for the British Operational Utility Vehicle System (OUVS) competition, for which Babcock was down-selected last year (the program has since been delayed recently.) The basic platform can be configured for a wide range of operational roles, body types and specialist applications such as pick-up utility vehicle, troop carrier, command and control, Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (WMIK), reconnaissance and battlefield ambulance. The basic configuration is the 4x4 vehicle but for future versions, a 6x6 variant is also planned. Creation and Babcock are preparing to produce the vehicles at a high pace, fulfilling the expected order for 400 vehicles within twelve months.
The design team considered a range of powertrain options for the vehicle, accommodating specific user preferences. The engine and transmission is accessible from the side, with the entire power train mounted on a cassette facilitating rapid removal and insertion in the field. The vehicle uses independent height adjustable suspensions, adjusting ground clearance, ride and handling to suit special operating conditions. Additional features include fully integrated Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and the capability to support exportable power requirements.

British Company Creation UK Limited , present a new light multi-platform wheeled armoured vehicle. The all - British SRV ( Specific requirements Vehicle) PLUVP (Protected Light Utility Vehicle Platform) offers a range of body options to deliver opertaional performance in urban and off-road situations. The vehicle has been designed to meet worldwide deployment criteria - A1-C1 operating and A1-C2 for storage. The unit is also specified for climatic conditions A2-C1 (+56 to -32C) for storage, and down to C2 extreme at -56C for operations. A variant of the Zephyr SRV will be put forward as a part of a Creation / Babcock Team Z joint bid to win the forthcoming UK MoD UOR contract for the design and build of a new Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) to replace thee current in-service Snatch Land Rover. The vehicle can be configured for a wide range of operational roles.
About Creation
Creation is one of the UKs leading independent vehicle design, development, engineering services and programme management specialists. Its current six clearly defined lines of business include its core automotive and vehicle design engineering activities; land systems and defence applications; component, prototype and low volume manufacture; materials handling and informatics.
The Creation Team brings together a group of highly experienced people, with complementary and cross-disciplined engineering and technological backgrounds and proven track records at the leading edge of the fields in which they specialise. These complementary skills - and the companys advanced engineering resources, combine to position Creation right at the forefront of its sector.
Creation serves a wide range of industries and it has a particular niche specialisation in defence and armoured vehicle design. In addition to its own original designs, it has successfully delivered a number of major concept-up programmes for some of the worlds leading OE manufacturers.
About Babcock
Babcock is a FTSE 250 company, and one of the UKs leading engineering support services organisations with reported revenue of ? 1.9 billion in 2009. Among the sectors in which it operates, Babcock is a leading through-life defence specialist. Through its Marine division it is the UKs leading naval support business and is the largest support provider to the Royal Navy.
Within Babcocks Marine division, its Land Systems business is geared to building and supporting military vehicles. OEM independent and working closely with a number of vehicle designers and prime contractors, with a proven track record in military vehicle production, Babcock is recognised for delivering high quality within tight lead times. Its skilled and experienced workforce at all levels, combined with the understanding and ability to apply techniques such as continuous improvement manufacturing processes, and effective supply chain management, ensures successful projects.
Team Z Ltd, the collaborative alliance set up between Creation UK Ltd ( and Babcock Defence Ltd ( is developing a new 4x4 light armoured vehicle called Zephyr SRV (Specific Requirements Vehicle). PoADU understand that ZEPHYR SRV can be offered to the VTLB project.
Creations first prototype vehicle to be produced in conjunction with Lockheed Martin Land Systems the LM AVA-1 appears on the Babcock stand. Primarily designed and developed in the UK, the prototype vehicle has the potential to meet several emerging requirements for the UK and elsewhere - and is the first Creation development to utilise LMs Adaptive Vehicle Architecture (AVA). Six metres long and weighing in at 12,000kg, the 4x4 variant vehicle also features a modified V-shaped hull, which is as survivable as the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) platforms, whilst having greater mobility and sprint speeds.
Lockheed Martin shows a 6x6 variant of Creations AVA design, configured to meet the requirements of the OUVS programme. The powertrain incorporates a Cummins turbo-intercooled diesel engine, driving through an Allison automatic transmission.

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