TANAX is a company with focus on production, trade and service activities in the automotive, engineering industry and production of trucks AKTIS.
Part of the business is sale of commodities: spare parts for trucks AKTIS and TATRA such as chassis components, steering, additional modules, and bearings.
A significant milestone in the history of the company was the establishment of strategic partnership with company MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group, Germany, with the aim of special trucks sales and support.
The main business of Tanax a.s. is engineering, production and sale of axles for trucks and custom manufacturing.
Tanax boasts of a wide range of products like axles, transmissions and power-trains that are exported to a host of automotive and engineering companies worldwide. Company TANAX, a.s. is a traditional reliable manufacturer of wheel technique based on TATRA chassis. Special chassis with swing axles achieved success due to their quality, good crossing ability, robustness and long period of service. Special chassis were subject of serious analysis of manufacturer as well as customers. This results in new innovations, which reflects in new concept of drive, in change of drive aggregate for securing the output. New concept brings also comfort for operating personnel and compliance with necessary EHK standards. Possible engine and gears alternation, new conception of cab and general arrangement of aggregates from prestigious manufacturers results from market requirements. Company focuses its activity on chassis with excellent driving characteristics, what makes their products suitable for various types of special superstructures.

History of the enterprise TANAX, join-stock company, has begun in the year 1951 when the production for the purpose of guaranteeing the ability of defence of the state has been started in Banovce nad Bebravou. Till the year 1956 the production of arms has been the contens of the production programme of the enterprise, because during that year the production of winches , mountain supports, parts for ground-drilling equipment and spare parts for automobile factories started. In 1958 the factory has been integrated into the national enterprise TATRA Koprivnice, the well-known manufacturer of lorries and passenger cars TATRA, and that meant that the factory Banovce nad Bebravou joined the programe of automobile production. In the year 1983 the production of lorries has started successfully. The factory has been producing vehicles of the type of the three-axle towing vehicle T 141 and the one-side tipping lorries of the types T 138, T 148, T 813, T 815. The vehicles T 815 have been manufactured in diferend modifications. A special version of the mentioned series of types has also been the production of a high-life tipper with a tipping body intented mainly for dumping out the transported material into a railway waggon without the necessity of an unloading platform, ajib loader and the vehicle ARKTIK with a double bottom of the body intended for extreme climatic conditions in Siberia. The history of the automobile production TATRA in Banovce nad Bebravou is completed also by the production of engines, bodies, gear boxes and winches. The production programme has been enlarged by the manufacture of the light utility vehicle MICROCAR, that isproducted in different modifications based on the requirements of the market, as e.g. box body vehicle, flat truck, tipper, refuse tipper, isothermal and refrigerator vehicle.

In the year 1990 the factory has been separated from the state enterprise TATRA Koprivnice, and the intepedent state enterprise VAB s.p. Banovce nad Bebravou has come into being. In the year 1993 the process of privatization has finished and the major share holder has become the company SIPOX s.r.o. Bratislava. Day 1. 4.1998 come into existence society TATRA SIPOX, join-stock company. Since November 2002 the name of the company was changed to TANAX, a.s. (joint stock company), Banovce nad Bebravou. Presently the principal share holders of TANAX, a.s. are:
1. Vectra Limited, UK holding 50%
2. TB TRADE a.s. (joint stock company), Banovce nad Bebravou holding the balance 50%.
Vectra is a 50% shareholder in Tanax a.s. which was incorporated in 1998. The main business of Tanax a.s. is engineering, production and sale of axles for trucks and custom manufacturing. Tanax boasts of a wide range of products like axles, transmissions and power-trains that are exported to a host of automotive and engineering companies worldwide. Tatra had a truck-building joint venture in India called Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd, formerly called Tatra Trucks India Ltd. It is a joint venture between Tatra and the Vectra Group from England. In 2009, Vectra announced a new joint venture with Russia's Kamaz to form Kamaz Vectra Motors Limited to manufacture Kamaz trucks in India., This joint venture replaced the former Tatra Vectra venture. The manufacturing plant is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The fully integrated manufacturing facility includes an engine assembly and testing plant, a cabin welding shop, a frame fabrication shop and a test track. Most Tatra trucks for sale in India are manufactured in collaboration with Bharat Earth Movers Limited. From 1967 until 1977, MAN collaborated with France's Saviem, selling their light to medium duty trucks with MAN badging in Germany and certain other markets. After the end of this, a deal was struck with Volkswagen which lasted until 1993. Production of a truck using the Volkswagen LT body started in 1979 and ended in 1993 with 72,000 units produced. It was available with four engines and four wheelbases over its lifetime; there was also a 4X4 version called 8.150 FAE. FAE means "forward control" cab, all-wheel drive, single tyres so the F nomenclature means "forward control" cab. This series is usually referred to as the G90, from the most common model, but also as the "G"-series

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