Established in 1983, Swaraj Mazda Limited, a Chandigarh, India based automobile company, is owned by the Sumitomo Corporation of Japan and Punjab Tractors Limited of India, with a technical collaboration with Isuzu and Mazda of Japan. Sumitomo upped its stake in the company in 2009 by purchasing all of Punjab Tractors' remaining shares, raising their stake to 53.5% After some trial production in 1985, series production began in 1986.
In June 2006, Swaraj Mazda entered a new Technical agreement with Isuzu Motors, Japan.
In 2009, Swaraj Mazda started to roll out Luxury buses and medium-duty trucks powered by Isuzu Engines from a new plant in Punjab. Plans are to build multi-axle trucks, tractor units and refrigerated trucks within the next three years. For an interim period, these vehicles were marketed under the Swaraj Mazda Isuzu brand.
In addition, Swaraj Mazda is moving to offer the Isuzu D-Max pickup.
Former associate company Punjab Tractors manufactured agricultural tractors and combine harvesters under the Swaraj brand name before selling 64.6% to Mahindra Tractors. In 2009, Mahindra and Swaraj Mazda settled a dispute over the use of the Swaraj name, allowing Swaraj Mazda to continue using the name for only two more years.

The Company was incorporated in July 1983 in the name of Swaraj Vehicles Limited.
Joint Venture and Technical Assistance concluded between Punjab Tractor Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan & Sumitomo Corporation, Japan . SVL renamed Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
The Mazda Titan is a commercial truck produced by Japanese automaker Mazda since 1971. From the fourth and sixth generation model, the vehicle had become a rebadged Isuzu Elf truck.
SML Isuzu T3500 4WD Truck
Mazda Titan

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