Supacat was established in 1981 and based at Dunkeswell Aerodrome in England. SC Group now comprises four companies: Supacat, SC Innovation, Proteum and Blackhill Engineering.

Supacat Limited was incorporated in 1982. This consolidated the alliance between Nick Jones and David Clayton who were brought together by a common interest in gliding. At the time Nick Jones was in the early stages of the development of the Cat 6x6 - the MkI. Initially David Clayton had an engineering background and had designed and built glider launching winches back in the 1960s. Initially David Clayton became involved in designing a drop/reduction box for the Supacat. He then continued with the project and many others that followed. The Glider Launching winch was redeveloped in 1985 and remains one of the company's products The Supacat 6x6 has been the mainstay of the company and is now in MkIII form and used by the MoD, overseas armed services as well as civilian applications at home and abroad.
Blackhill Engineering is involved in the manufacture of SC Innovation's lifeboat Launch and Recovery System (L&RS)

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