Oshkosh Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of access equipment, specialty vehicles and truck bodies for the primary markets of defense, concrete placement, refuse hauling, access equipment and fire & emergency.
Oshkosh Corporation manufactures, distributes and services products under the brands of Oshkoshr, JLGr, Piercer, McNeilusr, Medtecr, Jerr-Danr, Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles, FrontlineT, SMITT, CON-E-COr, Londonr and IMTr.

These specialized apparatus have evolved over the years into some of the fastest, most powerful, and sophisticated fire apparatus we know of today. The ARFF apparatus originated to protect military airfields, aircraft and pilots. Much of the advances in the technology of ARFF apparatus came out of the experiences of military crash crews. Today, most airports have some form of ARFF protection. There have been and are a number of manufacturers of ARFF equipment. Among the more prevalent in the U.S.A. would be Oshkosh , Walter, American LaFrance, Emergency One, and Rosenbauer. There have been many other companies that have built crash trucks and many around the world still doing so today.
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