Streumaster - the company produces machines and equipment for use in the agricultural sector as well as for the construction methods of soil improvement and soil consolidation.
1967 The first STREUMASTER spreader was built in the Upper Bavarian place Neumarkt-Sankt Veit. This spreader had been developed and manufactured for bringing out agricultural fertilisers.
1980 The company, at that time named Reissl Maschinenbau GmbH, widens its range of spreaders. Now, machines are built with the purpose of bringing out binding agents for soil stabilisation, such as fine lime and cement.
Since Oktober 2004 the company Reissl Maschinenbau GmbH operates under УSTREUMASTER Maschinenbau GmbHФ. 2005: The family Gutzwiller launches an equipment modernisation programme to increase activity as well as market share in public works and agricultlural spreaders.
2006: Joint venture begins with the Wirtgen Group to market SW series spreaders.
2008: STREUMASTER becomes the world leader in manufacturing binding agent spreaders.
2009: A new production facility is stablished in Egglkofen Ц BAVARIA .

The two family businesses (STREUMASTER/WIRTGEN) have been cooperating closely for many years. Streumaster Ц headquartered in Egglkofen, a small town in southern Germany Ц has manufactured spreaders for use in agriculture and the construction industry since 1967. The most recent product development resulting from the successful cooperation is the SW 19 SC high-performance spreader mounted on the УRhinoФ carrier. Nature does not always provide the ideal ground conditions Ц whether for civil engineering or structural engineering projects. Quite often, the existing soil requires preliminary treatment to improve its bearing capacity.
Since the soil is frequently loose and insufficiently cohesive, earthworks are required before the base course, binder course and surface course can be laid. Compaction is the most important process in earthworks. The purpose of compaction is to reduce the volume of soil filled with air and water. This gives the soil the desired properties: it becomes more resistant to the stresses imposed by traffic and climate.

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