STREIT Group established in Canada in 1992 by Chairman, Guerman Goutorov
STREIT Group company began with a handful of tools, a rented garage and overextended credit. Guerman Goutorovs vision was to create safe, innovative and cost effective armored vehicles. Today STREIT Group has evolved into a worlds leading armored vehicles manufacturers and employs a workforce of more than 2,000 people with 12 production plants and 25 offices around the world, with a capacity to produce more than 500 armored vehicles per month.
2000 STREIT Group expands production volumes and increases vehicle product range to 40 models.
2005 STREIT Groups first overseas manufacturing facility was strategically established in the United Arab Emirates.
2008 STREIT USA was established in South Carolina.
2011 STREIT Group inaugurates manufacturing facilities in India and Jordan.
2012 STREIT Group inaugurates the worlds largest privately owned armored vehicles manufacturing facility in the world at Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE. STREIT UK was established in Central London. Manufacturing facilities inaugurated in Pakistan and Iraq.
2013 STREIT Group established manufacturing facility in Turkey and expands into Asia. 2015 STREIT Group completes phase two of UAE expansion plan with Inauguration of Armored Protection Glass factory, state-of-the-art Research & Development Centre, International Parts Distribution Centre and Canadian Safety Solutions Military Training Centre.

STREIT Group produce a large variety of Armored Personnel Carriers, MRAPs, Cash-in-Transit, Luxury, Bespoke Luxury and Security vehicles which are designed to provide effective protection in high-risk situations.
Armored Personnel Carriers/ MRAPs, Tactical Armored Vehicles , Armored Cash-In-Transit Vehicles , Armored Passenger Transport, Bespoke Luxury Vehicles, Armored SUVs, Armored Sedans, APC - Armored Personnel Carrier , LAMW, AFSV, ASV, AHV, AFV, EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal , AMPV, MRAP - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
Cobra 4x4 APC
Cougar LAMW
Puma APC
Warrior AFSV
Gladiator - AHV
Scorpion - AFV
Typhoon 4x4
Fiona 6x6
Typhoon 6X6 APC
Varan AFV
Hurricane AMPV
Matador AMPV
PJSC AutoKrAZ, one of the worlds largest producers of special vehicles, and its strategic partner Streit Group (Canada-UAE) will display their novelty the KrAZ-MPV Shrek One RCV (Route Clearance Vehicle).
The KrAZ-MPV Shrek One family includes multirole off road mine protected vehicles with V-hull. They are used to carry personnel of Special Forces, special cargoes and equipment. Ballistic protection meets B6+/STANAG 4569 level 2. The KrAZ-5233 4?4 chassis cab provides a reliable and strong platform for this armored vehicle.
Depending on application, the KrAZ-MPV Shrek One is offered in three versions: KrAZ Personnel Carrier, KrAZ Ambulance, KrAZ-RCV (Route Clearance vehicle).

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