Josef_Werndl After his father's Leopold Werndl (1797-1855) death founded in 1864. company "Josef und Franz Werndl & Comp. Waffenfabrik und Sagemuhle in Oberletten" (Josef and Franz Werndl & Partners Weapons Factory and Sawmill in Oberletten), in 1869 renamed Oesterreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft. (OWG)
Since 1926, production went under the brand Steyr-Werke
In 1934 a merger Steyr-Werke Austro-Daimler-Puchwerke AG The company became known Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG.

1914New plant is completed
1916Decision is taken to begin production of vehicles
1917Vehicle development begins
1919Production launch of the first truck produced in Steyr
1920Passenger car production begins with Type Steyr II
1922Truck series production starts with Steyr Type III
1929Ferdinand Porsche Director Engineering
1936Series production of Type 50 "Steyr Baby" starts
1941First all-wheel-drive truck Type 1500 A rolls off Steyr production line
1948Start of production of Type 380 first Steyr truck with diesel engine
1968Series production of Plus Series, Types 590-1890 begins
1978Series production of model series 91 with Types 591-1891 begins
1983First Joint Venture in China
1986The new medium-class series 92, Europe's first low-noise truck and an environmentally friendly engine series receive industry acclaim.
1989Truck division of Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG is taken over by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
1990 1995Biggest investment phase in the history of the plant
1993Series production of the L 2000 begins
1997Austrian State Prize for Innovation
1999Takeover of MAN's entire truck production in the 6- to 18-tonne class
2005The TGL truck series, developed and produced in Steyr, is voted "Truck of the Year" for 2006 by Europe's trade journalists
2006Series production of the TGL/TGM series begins
2007Further expansion programme with investment of 100 million euros to raise production capacity up to 30,000 trucks and up to 50,000 cabs per year
2009Foundation stone is laid for Pre-Series Center
2013TGL and TGM series production with new Euro 6 exhaust gas limit
The Steyr 580 Diesel was a civilian 6ton truck which has been developed by Steyr Daimler Puch in 1957. The military version has been accepted by the Austrian Armed Forces in order to substitute the American GMC trucks. The Steyr 580/586 trucks have been replaced towardes the end oft he 1960ies by the Steyr 680M.
Lastwagen "Steyr"
Steyr A 680 4x4
Steyr 19S32 P42 4x4
Steyr 1291.320 4x4
Steyr 12S23 4x4
Steyr 12S18 4x4
Steyr 1291.320 4x4
Steyr 1491.310/S37 6x6
Steyr 1491.320 6x6 In 1987, Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG began selling portions of its different production lines to form separate companies, which included Steyr Nutzfahrzeuge AG (SNF) (still based in Steyr) for truck manufacturing, Steyr Bus GmbH (in Vienna) for bus manufacturing, Steyr-Daimler-Puch Fahrzeugtechnik AG (SFT) and the EUROSTAR joint venture in Graz-Liebenau for assembly of automobiles and, in 1990, Steyr Tractor (Steyr Landmaschinentechnik AG).
Other production lines were also spun off or sold outright to form independent companies, including Puchs motorcycle division going to Piaggio and Steyr Mannlicher producing weapons. In 1990, the diesel engine division was spun off into Steyr Motorentechnik GmbH, which in 2001 became an independent company, renaming itself Steyr Motors GmbH. Steyr Landmaschinentechnik AG (Steyr Tractor) was sold to Case Corporation in 1996 and renamed Case Steyr Landmaschinentechnik (and is part of CNH since 1999).
Automobile production remained with Steyr-Daimler-Puch Fahrzeugtechnik (SFT) until Magna International acquired a majority holding, in 1998, and in 20012 SFT was absorbed fully by Magna, becoming Magna Steyr.

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