Fabryka Samochodow Ciezarowych "Star" is a Polish truck manufacturer. The name comes from the City of Starachowice, where the factory is located. Their first vehicle was the Star 20 in 1948. The most popular product was the Star 266. The 266 model offered very good quality and powerful engines for a low price. It was sold in various countries for many years (not only in the Eastern Bloc; for example it was used by the Yemen Army). For many years FSC Star was a state-owned company. Star is now owned by MAN AG who eliminated the brand in January 2009.
The state-owned company Fabryka Samochodow Ciezarowych im. Feliksa Dzierzynskiego was established in 1948 in place of a Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein supplier, which was there since 1920.
In 1991 the company was transformed into Zaklad Starachowicki STAR SA. In the mid-90s control of the company was taken over by Sobieslaw Zasada Centrum S.A. It tried without success to create a Polish company specializing in the production of utility vehicles. Later the company was split into two: Star Trucks Sp. z o.o. and Inwest Star S.A.
At the end of 1999, Star Trucks Sp. z o.o. was taken over by the German group MAN AG. The company continued for a few years production of trucks. Initially of its own design, then models with a large share of the group MAN components, such as drivers' cabins and engines.
On 1 August 2003 MAN Star Trucks Sp. z o.o. merged with MAN Bus Poland Sp. z o.o. into MAN Star Trucks & Busses Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Sady near Poznan. In the same year the factory in Starachowice started making frames and chassis components for the bus plants in Sady and Salzgitter.
The level of production of trucks continued to fall, reaching in the final period a few hundred units per year. In 2004 manufacturing of trucks was moved to a MAN factory in Steyr, Austria (former Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG ). Starachowice continued to make small numbers of trucks for the army and various services (e.g., foresters).
In 2006 manufacturing of trucks ceased completely. The plant in Starachowice currently produces frames of buses and bus and truck components for group MAN.
The brand "Star" was used for selling on the Polish market of Steyr trucks produced in Austria.
On 9 January 2009, the company MAN Star Trucks & Buses eliminated "Star" from the name and is now known as MAN Bus Sp. z o.o.
Star 1444 The Polish Star truck manufacturing company, founded in 1948, is now owned by MAN. The Star 1444 is a successor to the previous Star 944 (4x4) and Star 1466 (6x6) trucks. Some sources claim that it was adopted to the Polish Army service.
Star 944 The Polish Star 944 light utility truck is a successor to the previous Star 744. It was revealed in 1999.
Star 1466 The Star 1466 is a Polish 6x6 general utility truck. It was revealed in 1999, together with the Star 944 4x4 light utility truck. Both of these trucks are closely related. The Star 1466 is a production successor to the previous Star 266.
STAR 266 M MAN 6x6
Chassis STAR 744 served as a base for production of fire trucks.
Star 266 is a Polish 6x6 truck designed for transport of cargo and personnel. Created by Starachowice-based FSC Star, it is the basic transport truck used by the Polish Army, it was also available to civilian market. A successor to a highly successful Star 660 series of trucks, the Star 266 shared many components with Star 200 and Star 244 multi-purpose medium-capacity trucks.
Star 660 - polski terenowy samochod ciezarowy o ladownosci 4,5 tony produkowany w latach 1965-1983 przez FSC Star.
The five-speed gearbox of Star 660M2 1974 is provided with an extra p.t.o. shaft for the rope winch and the air compressor drive. The vehicle is equipped with a transfer box that permits changing the gear ratios for road and cross-country operation, as well as engaging and disengaging the front axle drive. In order to eliminate the wheel slipping while operating cross-country, the vehicle is equipped with a device to interlock the central and the rear axle differential mechanisms. The front axle is equipped with a recirculating ball steering gear, and the half shafts for the wheel drive are provided with Weiss type constant speed universal joints.
Ciezarowka SAS 270.16 powstala na bazie komponentow produkcji chinskiej stanowi oferte eksportowa
Star 660M2
Star 660M2 MAN
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