Sirecome was a La Spezia based company that manufactured 4x4 specialist lorries using Fiat and Steyer components. A big customer was the Italian state-owned electricity company ENEL, and this grey example is very probably an ex ENEL vehicle.

Sirecome was an unknown name outside its native Italy but started rebuilding trucks from the immediate post WW2 years. Its first product was the unbeatable GMC CCKW series 6x6 truck.
This was followed by M-35 and M-52 surplus trucks completely rebuild and fitted with FIAT diesels, ex-NATO BORGWARD light chassis, M38A1 jeeps, fully build chassis with new cabs and diesels but retaining the M-52 running gear and much latter proper chassis with FIAT mechanical parts and various cabs
De firma Sirecome hield zich vanaf het begin bezig met de ombouw en aanpassing van oude legerjeeps en -trucks, o.a. van GMC en Borgward. Na deze periode begon men met de ombouw van Fiat trucks tot 4x4 versies, aansluitend begon men met de productie van een eigen truckmodel, ook voornamelijk offroaders. De meeste van deze voertuigen waren lichte 4x4's voorzien van een kipper en kraantje. De meesten werden afgenomen door de staat, bijv. voor hun stroomfirma Enel. ZETAESSE met cabine van TAM.
Another distinctive "Italian Jeep" was the Sirecome S 38 (actually an ex-U.S. Army M38A1 completely rebuilt with diesel engine) which was built near La Spezia. Sirecome was a contractor doing rebuilding of military vehicles for the Italian army. Roberto found these details on the Sirecome vehicles: "The body was sandblasted, primed and resprayed with bright colors, transmission overhauled, brakes rebuilt (with added vacuum servo-boost). The vinyl top and front seats were new (rear ones were reworked and modified to match the front ones). The original F head 4-134 engine was changed for a Peugeot Indenor XD-P diesel (inline 4, 2.0 litre, 55 CV at 4500 rpm.) You will notice the reworked front grille (to comply with italian traffic regulations, headlight must be closer the edge of the vehicle.)"

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