In Early 2009, Sri Lakshmi Defence armouring division started working on ARMOUR TROOP CARRIER MODEL.
The DHRUV ATC is suitable for the Police or internal security role. DHRUV is based on R.H.D.

DHRUV-ATC based Indian sturdy RHD chassis with modified independent suspension:
Rugged and reliable on powertrain with run flat on Michelin Tyres.
Mature, effective, tested armour configuration by special task force.
Outstanding balanced system design.
Proven durable, best-in-class mobility for rugged terrain & 70% off-road duty. Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions (SLDSL) produced Bullet-resistant armored vehicles.

SLDSL's armored vehicle division, established in 2007 under the technical knowhow of a leading UK firm, has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of armored vehicles.
SLDSL has unveiled an exclusive range of defence specialised protective vehicles for enhancing combat efficiency of police forces engaged in major anti-Naxalite operations in the rebel strong holds across India.
SLDSL has designed specialised protective models based on modern technology for armed and police forces, including:
ХDHRUV - ATC (armored troop carrier),
Х DRONA - MPV (blast and mine protective vehicle)
ХVIPER (fast moving combat BP vehicle)
ХDHRUV EXECUTIVE (BP patrol vehicles)
ХHYNA - (light combat BP vehicle)
Х KRAZ - MPV (for export market)
SLDSL has designed these armored vehicles keeping in mind the heavy protection requirements for Naxalite affected areas in India. In the last four years, the company has put in tremendous amount of time, money and effort including technical know-how into producing India's first anti-terror armored vehicles which exceed the European B7 protection level.

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