From 1972 to 1980 Scot trucks built 1155 trucks at their plant in Debert, Nova Scotia, near Truro. Parent company Irving (which included Irving Oil, J.D.Irving Ltd and a host of subsidiaries) needed trucks and found that assembling components allowed them to avoid the high duties on complete vehicles. It also allowed them to deal directly with suppliers for engines, transmissions, etc.,

The "Scot" truck was built in Eastern Canada. It was part of the Irving Family of industries. In an old decommissioned Second World War era hanger located on the airport in Debert, Nova Scotia. That hanger still exists today, but is now occupied by Kent Homes another "Irving Company".
Scot trucks were built by Atlantic Truck Manufacturing Limited in Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada. The first production truck was completed on May 27, 1972, and production ceased on May 29, 1980. A total of 1,155 Scot trucks were built. It is estimated that 40 per cent were used by companies in the Irving group; 25 per cent by federal and provincial governments; 25 per cent as fire trucks; and 10 per cent by other customers.
Scot did not confine itself to transport trucks, but also built a wide range heavy of heavy duties, all the way up to off-road ore haulers. Both the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick governments had numerous 4x4 snow plow units.

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