Safir is an Iranian 4x4 multipurpose military vehicle built by Fath Vehicle Industries. This vehicle was officially unveiled in 2008. Fath Vehicle Industries is a car manufacturer based in Tehran, Iran. Since 1995 the firm has produced versions of the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 under license as the Sahand Cruiser, in short and long wheelbase models, as well as convertible, pick-up, and wagon bodystyles.

Safir has a modular build and has many models. These include:
A version equipped with 12 Fajr 1 107 mm rocket tubes.
A version equipped with a 106 mm recoilless rifle for use against enemy armored vehicles
A model equipped with a Toophan anti tank missile launcher to counter enemy tanks
A model equipped with 9K11 Malyutka anti tank missiles (Probably Iranian produced Ra'ad)
A model equipped with Towsan anti tank missiles
A variant equipped with a Grenade launcher
Command vehicle
Radio wave emitter
The Karaba VTG01 is a Sudanese 4x4 light tactical vehicle based on the Iranian-made Safir. The Karaba VTG01 is a light, open topped utility vehicle with optional soft cover. It's suspension is beam-axle, which is one of the way's to tell it's based off the M-38 rather than the later M-151 also in Iran's inventory. The Karaba can be distinguished from the old Willys M-38 jeep by its sharper angled body panels, hood and by its distinctive grill. The body and chassis of the Karaba are integral and are of all-welded construction. The layout of the vehicle is conventional, with the engine at the front and the crew area at the rear with a removable canvas top and side curtains and a windscreen that can be folded forward flat on the bonnet.
Another Iran Truck Neynava or Neinava is a series of all-terrain general purpose 4x4 military trucks produced by the Self-Sufficiency Jihad of Army of Iran. The vehicle first appeared in military parades in 2011, but was officially unveiled in 2012 along with Shaher (sniper rifle). Its purpose is to carry troops, supplies and small armored vehicles like Sayyad and also tow artillery pieces.
Another Iran Truck:
Kaviran high mobility multipurpose vehicleWith a capacity of 3.4 tons, Kaviran has several unique capabilities such as the ability to cross deep rivers. It can also be used an ambulance, personnel carrier and mobile rocket-launcher.
Rakhsh is a lightweight Iranian 4x4 cross-country APC developed and produced by DIO's Shahid Kolah Dooz Industrial Complex and named after Rakhsh
Sarir or Tala'iye is an Iranian 4x4 cross-country APC developed and produced by DIO's Shahid Kolah Dooz industrial complex
Zafar 8x8 heavy truck Iran Iranian army defense
TEL - ZOLJANAH Heavy Duty Tactical 10x10 Truck which will likely carry the Bavar 373, Irans version of the S-300.
Iran says that it plans to unveil a new air-defence system during nationwide military parades on September 22 2014. Named the Talash (Struggle) 3 the system has already been successfully test fired and will start mass production shortly. However, at this stage it is uncertain whether the Talash 3 will be a component of the long-awaited Bavar 373 or a stand alone system because Iran has also announced the planned unveiling of Bavar 373 in the coming weeks. If its all its claimed to be, Irans long-awaited answer to the S-300 could be a game-changer. Developed as a replacement to Russias S-300 after the agreed sale fell through, the Bavar 373 could mark a new level of accomplishment in Irans development as a military power.
System Raad With Taer Missiles
4-axle Chassis For Raad Anti Air Missile System

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