SVOS is one of the top leading European companies in the area of production and supply of armoured vehicles for a wide range of end-users worldwide. The company has been on the market since 1992 and follows the basic principles of regional tradition in armoured car production in Prelouc, which dates back to 1918.
In the early years of its existence , it specialized in so-called discreetly armoured vehicles, which were used by the Czech army in missions abroad. The next step was the partially armoured УCaimanФ off-road vehicle. The company also produces bulletproof glass for armoured vehicles. All of the above created the base of a bold plan to design and develop a Czech wheeled armoured personnel carrier. The first model was MPVU-5000, built on a Mercedes Unimog off-road truck chassis. In 2010, a MRAP vehicle prototype was built. Its functional demonstrator was presented to the public early in 2011 and attracted a lot of deserved attention.

The product range can be divided into four main categories:
Х Armoured limousines
Х Armoured cross-country vehicles
Х Armoured cash-carry vehicles
Х Special purpose armoured vehicles
Military version of the special off-road armoured vehicle MPV U-5000
is designed for transport of special intervention units of the Military Police or guarding units with a possibility of combat activities from external and internal weapons placed on gun-carriages in all climatic and weather conditions.
VEGA is specially designed multi-purpose armoured vehicle providing high level of mine and all-round crew ballistic protection along with excellent cross-country capability and crew comfort in all Terezin conditions. Its outstanding protection level and advanced technology equipment allow VEGA to be employed for the most various missions under any climatic conditions around the globe.
A broad spectrum of vehicle types can be customized, ranging from armoured limousines, cross country vehicles, vans and cash carriers, as well as armoured specialist vehicles, such as military special vehicles. The Vega 6x6 is based on Tatra truck chassis with the engine at the front, the crew cabin in the middle and the the troops compartment at the rear. The front of the crew cabin is fitted with a large wind screen and one single door is available on each side of the hull. The vehicle is built around an armoured hull the capacity of which is up 19 m' (up to 30 m' for the 6*6 version). It is a monocoque design, which means an increased flexibility and static strength of the vehicle. In case of mine explosion under tthe front wheel, the blast is transmitted into the engine compartment rather than into the crew cab or combat compartment. The bottom of the hull uses a V-shaped design to dissipate and deflect away the blast wave in the event of an explosion under the vehicle, thus reducing the effect of anti-tank mines or lEDs. There is a floor above the hull bottom, which further improves the protection of personnel in the vehicle. It offers protection against most explosively former penetrators (EFPs) and improvised explosive devices (lEDs), and withstands a blast of 50 kg of TNT. The armour on the sides, front and rear of the vehicle provides protection against small arms fire and fragments of artillery shells, airdropped bombs and rockets/missiles. The protection of Vega's sides between front and rear wheels is enhanced by boxes for the storage of tools, spare parts and other materiel. Furthermore, Vega can be optionally equipped with the Czech "Kosa" (Scythe) reactive armour system, currently at the top of similar systems developed worldwide. The Vega 6x6 can carry a total of 14 military personnel including driver, commander and gunner. A power-operated ramp at the rear part of the troops compartment offers to the soldiers to leave and enter quickly in the vehicle.
LRD ARM2 4x4
Armoured Toyota HILUX (Special Combat Vehicle)

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