STK - Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering).

Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics), in Singapore, is a strategic business area of ST Engineering and handles land systems and specialty vehicles.
1. Mobility Solutions:
Tracked Mobility
In the area of tracked mobility, ST Kinetics has vast experience in the design and production of armoured vehicles such as the battle proven BRONCO family of articulated all terrain vehicles and the highly versatile BIONIX family of tracked infantry fighting vehicles.
Wheeled Mobility
The TERREX 8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier and the SPIDER Light Strike Vehicle are examples of wheeled vehicles designed and produced by ST Kinetics. In addition, ST Kinetics has been servicing and upgrading wheeled vehicles since the 1970s.
Unmanned Mobility
ST Kinetics has over 10 years of experience developing unmanned solutions like soldier class robots for surveillance and CBRE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive) operations, and robotic wheeled and tracked vehicles. The Bionix was the first local armoured fighting vehicle, designed and developed by ST Kinetics. It is a medium-weight tracked vehicle, weighing between twenty-two to twenty-eight tonnes, to replace the aging M-113A2 armoured personnel carriers.
The Bronco is manufactured by ST Kinetics for the Singaporean Army and in small amounts as an UOR for the British Army in Afghanistan.
Spider New Generation (New Gen) Light Strike Vehicle (LSV).
The new STK Light Armoured Multi-Role Vehicle (LAMRV) is based on Iveco 4x4 40.12WM
ST Kinetics and Paramount Group Announce Collaboration on Armoured Wheeled Vehicles Resulting from this collaboration is a comprehensive range of wheeled vehicles for military and homeland security applications. These include ST KineticsТ highly manoeuvrable and network-enabled TERREX 8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier, and Paramount GroupТs mine-protected and highly mobile
MBOMBE 6x6 Armoured Fighting Vehicle,
MAVERICK 4x4 Internal Security Vehicle,
MARAUDER 4x4 Wheeled Troop Carrier and
MATADOR 4x4 Multi-role Mine Protected Vehicle.
Kazakhstan buys Mbombe vehicles from Paramount Group. Mbombe is a highly agile infantry fighting vehicle offering outstanding protection, mobility and fire-power. It is designed to provide unrivalled protection against landmines, IEDs, side blasts and RPG attacks. This is achieved by revolutionary new technology that provides outstanding mine protection without resorting to the traditional V-shape design. Paramount Group, AfricaТs largest privately owned defence and aerospace business, announced a strategic collaboration with Kazakhstan Engineering Distribution to establish a manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan for the production of military armoured vehicles and civilian buses.
Paramount Group is a group of companies operating in the global defence, internal security and peacekeeping industries. It was founded in South Africa in 1994 and offers a range of armoured vehicles, military aircraft, equipment and training to governments. The company was founded by South African entrepreneur and industrialist Ivor Ichikowitz. The Group is based in South Africa, with its headquarters near Johannesburg. Paramount Group manufactures a range of armoured vehicles Ц the Maverick , Mbombe , Matador and Marauder .

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