The SEP 8x8 armored personnel carrier evolved from the tracked and wheeled modular armored vehicle programme. It is an innovative and advanced design. SEP studies started in 1994. Demonstrators were produced in 2000 (tracked) and 2003 (6x6).
The SEP 8x8 vehicle is designed for 40 modifications. All SEP versions are 6.1 m long and 2.8 m wide. It can be fitted with interchangeable specialized mission modules. This feature provides multirole flexibility makes vehicle upgradeable and reduces life-cycle costs. SEPs versatility enables it to replace a wide range of armored vehicles.
Vehicle has a hybrid diesel-electric drive. It is fitted with two Steyr diesel engines, developing 270 hp each. The SEP 8x8 armored personnel carrier has a battery power option, which enabled the vehicle to run in silent mode. Vehicle has a hydropeumatic suspension. The SEP had a pivot steering and could turn on its own axis. Central tyre inflation system is optional. The SEP 8x8 APC is airportable by the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, however add-on armor protection has to be removed

SEP (Splitterskyddad Enhetsplattform,or Modular Armoured Tactical System) has been developed by BAE Systems Hagglunds and Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration to meet the needs of the forces of the future.
The SEP program was initially started in 1994 for the Swedish military (and as a proposed British Vehicle) but was cancelled in the early 2000's. However, the program was resurrected and a production contract was to be awarded in 2009 and initial deliveries expected in 2011.
The common chassis will have an electric transmission system, replacing the mechanical drive shafts with electrical cables, transferring the power from the engines to wheels. This transmission system has many advantages over existing mechanical systems, including volume and fuel efficiency, and increased stealth characteristics. Other benefits are reducing life cycle costs and environmental impact. Decoupled from the final drives, the engine can be mounted flexibly, including the use of distributed power sources (multiple engines). The batteries integrated into the electric drive system allow stealth movement on electrical power only, driving silently with the engines shut down. Another benefit of the electric drive is the increased useable internal volume.

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