SCAM Spa is an Italian truck manufacturer and modification company founded in 1995. Partnered with Iveco from the start, SCAM builds vehicles using the Iveco Daily as a base. SCAM produces special vehicles for markets where climatic conditions require the use of engines type Euro3. SCAM vehicles are primarily marketed to military, government, and municipal customers.
Similar vehicles :
and identical vehicle , made according to the construction of "B" FWD .

Chassis Cowl and Rolling Chassis Cowl, Ambulances and Clinics, Forestry - Civil Protection, Fire Fighting, Security

In 2006 SCAM, thanks to years of experience in the development and production of 4x4 LTV (Light Transportation Vehicles) and its core skills (Quality control, Assembly and R&D know-how), entered into a joint venture agreement with IVECO to develop and produce the DAILY 4x4
. Since then SCAM has been manufacturing for IVECO more than 3.500 vehicles of the DAILY 4x4 Euro III-IV-V at its plant in Induno Olona (Varese-Italy); all of them declined in different versions (Single/Crew Cabin, 3.5 and 5.5 tons, right-left hand drive) with the highest level of customization to satisfy worldwide IVECO clients specific needs. The success of these years of cooperation has led IVECO to hire SCAM to co-develop the new MY2014 Daily 4x4 Euro VI.
1995: Foundation
1996: SCAM First Transfer Case®
2000: Production of 3.5 and 5.0 tons GVW 4x4 models (SM/SMT®)
2001: Production of 3.5 and 5.0 tons GVW 4x4 Crew cab models (SM/SMT®)
2003: Production of 5.5 tons GVW 4x4 Single/Crew Cabin (SM/SMT®)
2006: Production on behalf of Iveco of IVECO Daily 4x4® (till date)
2006–2010: Continuos product update to fulfill the European legislation
2010–2013: Production of a multi-engine chassis cowl (S55®)
2014: Co-development on behalf of IVECO of the new MY14 Daily 4x4 ® Euro VI

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