Brazilian branch of Willys, through Paul Quartim BarbosaIn 1954 opened Willys Overland do Brasil-Brazilian branch Willys.

In the 40-IES, a company called Willys Overland created a utility that has been called hard Rural Willys, but in the 70 's was purchased and then, for Ford, where still make this Jeep with the same name, he was a strong and economical, this jeep was manufactured in large parts of the world, in 1946 year launched Jeep, called Station Wagon in the United States to counter the Jeep Willys , Japan also began to be manufactured, but it was at the top of the bodywork Mitsubishi, Argentina Hotel Rural Willys was produced by Kaiser or Estanciera he was known when it came it was manufactured in Brazil pro at the top of the chassis, in Brazil.
When it began to be manufactured here in Brazil, Rural Willys possessed Two versions of 4 ? 2 and 4 ? 4 and had a six-cylinder engine that ran on petrol and had its own version 2.6 to 3.0.
But only in the year 1975, until the end of production of Willys it was produced with Ford Motor named OHC 2.3 four-cylinder and all models of Rural Willyswas 90 horsepower, which was very strong at that time.
In Ford Rural Willys is considered the grandfather of utilities (Suvs), sports today that it was chunky and very strong, as vans today so it was because of this car, which gave DNA family SUV.
In the year 1961 Ford rural Willys was so popular in Brazil that he won their version of the war, and it was the car, fast and strong, used by the armed forces of Brazil.
In Ford Willys Rural is one of the cars, the most sought-after among collectors, as is the car, national, strong, sturdy, Old and, among other things, that Rural Willys was, he is a Jeep, which attracts a lot of attention because of its size and brute force.
In the year 1978 Ford announces that it intends to cease production of Ford Rural Willys -for some of the problems that the company has experienced

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