The Rosenbauer Group is one of the worlds three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles, based in Leonding, Austria. Rosenbauers corporate history has been closely linked with that of the fire services for the past 150 years. The company has been active for the fire services since 1866, initially as a trading enterprise and from 1906, as an equipment manufacturer. The first fire trucks were built in the 1920s, which also saw the beginning of exports to China. As a result of its constant inventiveness, Rosenbauer has had a major influence on the fire services in Austria, Germany and the rest of the world and has established a reputation as the branchs innovation and technology leader. In the wake of the stock exchange float of 1994 and the systematic policy of internationalization pursued subsequently, the company has developed from an export-oriented, specialist business into a worldwide group and a leading supplier of equipment to fire services around the globe.

SIMBA 8x8-HRET zweifellos die bisher gro?ten Rosenbauer-Fahrzeuge.
Zwei 600-PS-Liebherr-Motoren katapultieren das 49 Tonnen-Fahrzeug in 21 Sekunden auf 80 und weiter auf bis zu 140 km/h Spitze. Mit Titan als Sonder-Fahrgestell-Hersteller, Kessler-Achsen, Knott-Bremsen und ZF-Lenkung wollte man mit nur europaischen Zulieferern sicherstellen, dass zwecks Servicefreundlichkeit die Technik moglichst im metrischen Ma?system gehalten werden kann.
Jeder der beiden ladeluftgekuhlten Euro 3 zertifizierten Turbodiesel im Heck treibt uber ein eigenes Allison-Automatikgetriebe die zwei Hinterachsen bzw. die zwei Vorderachsen an. Automatisches DriveMangement (ADM) garantiert perfekten Synchronisationslauf beider Triebwerke (max. Differenz: = 3 Kurbelwellen-Upm), und schaltet automatisch alle Differentialsperren. Die voll elektronischen Motor- und Getriebesteuerungen verfugen uber ein Standard- und ein Alarm-Fahrprogramm bei dem kurzzeitig signifikante Erhohungen der Motorleistungsspitze moglich sind. Der Steuerungs-Rechner ware aber auch jederzeit neu auf geanderte Parameter einstellbar.
Luftfederung und Doppelsattel-Bremsen sorgen fur sicheren Bodenkontakt auf Stra?e und Gelande sowie fur radikalen Stillstand.
Aside from the unmatched Rosenbauer top seller, the PANTHER flagship, we designed another outstanding firefighting truck in cooperation with Rosenbauer: the BUFFALO extreme captivates with excellent off-road qualities and a 33,000 liter water storing capacity that is three times higher than its brothers.
In time-tested collaboration with the Rosenbauer development team, we designed the tank and rear section of the new BUFFALO extreme. This further member of the big-game family is the epitome of an off-road, large-tank firefighting truck on a super heavy-duty frame. It was especially developed to safely and reliably transport huge amounts of extinguishing agent across even the most difficult terrain to the remotest emergency scenes imaginable. Wherever firefighting water is required but no hydrants or other sources of water are to be found, the BUFFALO extreme is the ideal solution. Examples include areas without paved roads, such as deserts or brown coal strip mines.
The signature feature of the BUFFALO extreme is its outstanding off-road performance despite its permissible total weight of 68 tons. The trucks exceptional width of 3.5 meters guarantees reliable driving on any terrain. Aside from its unequaled driving stability due to special tires 670 mm wide and as tall as a man, an almost 35-degree angle of slope and extensive chassis clearance are responsible for the BUFFALO extremes optimal off-road capabilities. Driving across difficult terrain, sand tracks or simply across country is like a walk in the park for the four-wheel drive with hub reduction axle and locking differentials. In contrast: the more challenging the terrain, the more obvious the features of the BUFFALO extreme."> Bechtel Co Built Rosenbauer-vehicl by FMCfmce in 1972
Rosenbauer Panther 4X4 Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF) fire truck has an off-road, high-mobility suspension system allowing it to respond to any location on and about the airport off the concrete or asphalt runways and taxiways. It also has a forward looking infrared (FLIR) interior monitor which allows the vehicle operator to traverse and find its way to any part of the airport under adverse weather conditions and darkness.
What is most important about an ARFF vehicle is that it acts as the primary, first-response vehicle carrying a full crew complement to fight an aircraft fire and rescue crewmembers and passengers alike. It carries 1,500 gallons of water which is mixed with Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). The combination of water mixed w/AFFF fired from the bumper & roof turrets actually smothers an aircraft fuel fire. Finally, 500 pounds of what is called Purple 'K' or PK which is a dry chemical is also carried aboard the vehicle which smothers an aircraft fire similar to the AFFF. This is what is so very impressive about this new vehicle. It has the capability to respond to any incident with the firefighters, equipment, and on-board water and chemicals to attack a fire as soon as it arrives on scene. And, with its all-terrain capability and high horsepower engine, it arrives on-scene very, very quickly! And, last but not least, our airport firefighters train to the same response standards as is required of firefighters at the commercial service airports.
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