Reynolds Boughton

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Reynolds Boughton The 4x4 Reynolds Boughton RB44 looks for all the world like a Ford Transit van (of the 1970s) on performance enhancing drugs. In many ways that's just what it is because the standard engines and transmissions are Ford units. The RB44 was developed in the late 1970s with an eye to military contracts to take over medium four wheel drive duties as carried out by the ageing 1-ton and 101" Land Rovers, such as towing the 105mm light gun and other equipment cross-country. You do see a few in the hands of local authorities and public utilities, this one being the basis of an emergency rescue vehicle. The RB44 has a conventional ladder chassis, live axles, and leaf springs over those axles. Drive passes from the gearbox by a short propeller shaft to Reynold Broughton's own transfer case. This uses a full-time four wheel drive system with diff' lock. The transfer case has two power take offs (PTO) for driving auxiliary equipment. The interior of the RB44 is just like any conventional (fairly-) modern van apart for the extra controls for four wheel drive and selecting the auxiliary equipment. It is quite a substantial vehicle, particularly on its 9.00x16 (34") tyres, and the view forwards is very good.

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