REFORM MULI are designed as automotive machines for reliable use in rough sloped terrain and score with their formidable terrain capability, maximum safety, and high operation and driving comfort. The tried and tested vehicle concept with 4 equally sized wheels and the connection of front and rear carriage by the pivoting link set unequalled standards

Tubular Frame REFORM-transport vehicles as automotive working machines are for safe operation in steep, difficult terrain and convince by extreme cross-country ability, maximum safety and high operation- and travelling conveniences.
By the central pipe construction with pivot between front- and rear axle is guaranteed that all four wheels keep full contact to the ground in every situation. The axle drive and in particular the power-take off drive are led direct and protected backwards by the central pipe.
The chassis is designed for the support of changing implements - quick coupable and uncoupable implements like load wagon, dung spreader, liquid manure barrel, tipper, winter service spreader and much more come to a compact, versatile usable working machine.
REFORM-two-axle mowers are designed as automotive tool carriers acting on the ground with consideration and for safe working at steep slopes. They fulfil various requirements of grassland operation all year long.
The REFORM Metrac is a specialist for mowing, tedding, turning and swathing, spreading out liquid manor, as well as for little transport tasks. Even at winter service the REFORM Metrac is an energetic assistent.
The REFORM Metrac is also usable at communities, ski-runs, motorway- and river slopes, golf courses, parks and beaches. Here it is a specialist for flailing, mowing, mulching (also with suction and container), clearing or blowing the snow, spreading of chippings or salt, sawing, sanding, sweeping, cleaning sand and much more.
Essential product features:
Х Wide track for a large ground supporting surface
Х Deep centre of gravity
Х Low vehicle weight
Х Four-wheel steering via 4 large-volume low pressure tyres
Х Differential locks at both axles
Х Four-wheel steering
These items and the powerful motorization in association with optimal graduated travel drive are other decisive features for extreme slope suitability, enormous ground preservation and maximum safety.
The REFORM-four-wheel steering provides the particularly esteemed manoeuvrability and especially ground preservation of the Metracs, because front- and rear wheels are of the same size, have no negative wheel rake, no wheel castor, primarily show the same steering angles. So the wheels can roll completely free of constraints. The four-wheel steering can be switched to front-wheel, rear-wheel and crab-steering mode on requirement.

Although this vehicle has County on the door it is LH drive and has a strange style of letter (maybe a B) on the grill. There is a French company called Brimont who made vehicles like this and maybe County were their UK agent.

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