Plasan (formerly Plasan Sasa) is an Israeli owned vehicle manufacturer established in 1985. It develops, manufactures and assembles custom-built vehicle armour systems and chassis up-armor designs as well as Add-On Armor Protection Kits for lightweight military tactical trucks and APCs [Wheeled & Tracked], for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, commercial vehicles, and a major supplier of personnel protection armor. Plasan is a non-public company and is wholly-owned by Kibbutz Sasa, a communal village of some 100 families in Northern Israel.

Vehicles with armored bodies designed and manufactured by Plasan:
Plasan Sand Cat Ford

Oshkosh Truck/ Northrop Grumman JLTV
Oshkosh MTVR

International MaxxPro
International FTTS

Mack Granite

HMMWV M1114GR and M1118GR

Freightliner M-915

Mahindra Rakshak

Combat Tactical Vehicle (Technology Demonstrator)

Lockheed Martin AVA-1

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