PiMakina founded in 1972 in Ankara, golbasi, business and Construction Machinery manufacturer. Firm,concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, tower cranes, crushing and screening plants,loaders,backhoe loaders,excavators, crushing and screening facilities, and in many areas such as motor vehicles operates as the manufacturer one hundred percent domestic.

Concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, tower cranes, and crushing and screening plant, as well as PI makina has worked over the years, and every piece its own engineers and R & D developed by the team, has made huge investments in 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles. As a business machine, and off-road and military vehicles used in both the fields, the most important feature of these machines is that it is resistant to any climatic and terrestrial conditions. In the market, domestic and overseas mass production of them great interest and work is in progress.

Внедорожные траспортные средства
(Land Locomotion – Mechanical Vehicle Mobility LL-MVM)
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